Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Eyelash Extension Tweezers



    A professional eyelash stylist is only as good as his tools allow. This is especially true when choosing the best eyelash extension tweezers. Different tweezers have to do different things. Isolating, picking up, applying, and removing eyelash extensions. Don't worry, with us you will find everything you need in premium quality.

    Isolating tweezer

    Isolating tweezers are always needed and are your best friend. With these special lash extension tweezers, the individual hairs can be isolated from each other quickly and easily. It is also used for the final inspection. With the isolating tweezers, you can see exactly whether individual eyelash extensions are sticking together. As we all know, glued artificial eyelashes are an absolute no-go when it comes to eyelash extensions. This is why these tweezers are so important for eyelash extensions.

    Volume tweezer

    The volume tweezers are an excellent tool when it comes to eyelash extensions using the volume technique. Handmade eyelash fans can be made or picked up and applied with tweezers. The precise soft-close closure is very wrist-friendly. If a customer asks for volume eyelashes, then our eyelash extension tweezers are exactly the right choice.

    Straight eyelash tweezer

    It is a multi-function tool for every eyelash stylist. With the special tweezers, you can master both the classic technique (1:1) and the isolation of the eyelashes. That's why straight eyelash tweezers should also be included in every professional accessory.

    Advantages of our eyelash extension tweezers

    1. With our eyelash extension tweezers, artificial eyelashes can be effortlessly isolated, picked up, and applied.

    2. Our handmade eyelash tweezers are made of lightweight premium stainless steel. So you have every fine eyelash extension under control.

    3. The precisely closing tips guarantee the best performance.

    4. The tweezers are easy to hold and are made of very light steel. Hand fatigue is therefore excluded.

    5. The volume lash tweezers can be used to create eyelash fans quickly and easily.

    6. The different curvatures at the tweezers' tips enable quick gripping and picking up of eyelash extensions.

    7. The low tension of the tweezers makes it much easier to attach the artificial eyelashes.

    8. The revolutionary diamond tweezers ensure an even tighter grip. The fine diamond coating doesn't let any hair slip.

    9. The right tweezers are available for every taste in our eyelash extension shop.

    With us, you can buy the best eyelash extension tweezers

    When it comes to eyelash extension accessories, an eyelash stylist should only work with the best quality. Because only the best quality paired with top performance bring happily and returning regular customers. In our eyelash extensions shop, we offer a variety of tweezers. These will help you achieve your goals. They are your constant companion and one of the few things that guide you from the beginning to the end of each treatment. You can buy the tweezers in different shapes. Whether for classic eyelash technique or volume technique, you will find everything you need for your lash game with us. All eyelash extension tweezers were produced in close cooperation with eyelash experts. We are pleased to be able to offer you a wide range of high-quality tweezers. Every single eyelash tweezer is checked personally by us for quality before it leaves our shop.