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Eyelash Extension Accessories

A seductive look with beautiful long, black, voluminous eyelashes - that's what all women want. It is possible with the right professional eyelash extension accessories.

With us, you will find a top eyelash extension accessory

Do you only want to offer your customers the best? For this, you not only need the right eyelash extensions but also the perfect helpers and utensils. We have the right eyelash accessories for every eyelash stylist, which should not be missing in any studio.

We help you to be successful

As a team of experienced stylists and trainers, we know exactly which eyelash accessories make your everyday life in the studio easier. The willingness and will to deliver the best performance is a big part of the job. Ensure you are using the highest quality and most effective eyelash extension accessories that work best for you. We offer a wide variety of top eyelash products that will help you in your daily work.

Why we have the best accessories

It is well known that a professional is only as good as his tools allow. It's the same when choosing the best eyelash extension accessories:

  1. Eye pads: With our gentle eye pads, every treatment becomes a relaxing experience. They do not slip and moisturize the skin.
  2. Mascara wand: It fits comfortably in hand. The brush is ideal for brushing eyelashes and should not be missing from any treatment. It even accompanies customers' homes for eyelash care.
  3. Lip- & Micro brushes: Liquids can be applied quickly and effectively to the eyelashes - a must-have for every professional eyelash stylist.
  4. Lash Tile: The non-slip glass eyelash plates make your work easier. The eyelash extensions are ready to hand during application. The plate is an accessory that should never be missing from your assortment.
  5. Marble stone: It keeps the glue cool at a constant temperature. It does not cause unnecessary adhesive wear.
  6. Eyelash tape: The tapes are available in several versions. They are a great help in preparation for taping and masking.
  7. Cleaning brush: The brush must never be missing. It cleans the lash line with eyelash shampoo and can be sold to customers for eyelash care.
  8. Lash mirror: The mirror gives you a different perspective on your work. Every eyelash extension is guaranteed to have a WOW effect.
  9. Adhesive storage box: The eyelash glue should keep its texture as long as possible. The eyelash glue box takes care of that.
  10. Glue holder tray: It dispenses the individual drops of glue in tiny notches. This means that every single drop lasts longer.
  11. Mini lash fan: It is your constant companion. The glue vapours are minimized by the fan. This makes the treatment much more pleasant for the customer.

We deliver the best eyelash extension accessories

If you want to be one of the top eyelash stylists, professional eyelash utensils are a must. Another great advantage of our online shop is that we ship our products worldwide. This has enabled us, among other things, to become a global player in the industry. We offer the eyelash extension accessories comprehensive and suitable for all stylists, whether they are beginners or advanced. Our company has strict contracts with our partners, and we strive to deliver our customers only the best goods on the best terms. We work closely with our manufacturers to keep the quality of our eyelash accessories at a consistently high level. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. That is why we personally check every single product one more time before it leaves the warehouse. With the huge selection of the best eyelash extension accessories, you can certainly take your work to a new level.