Eyelash Extension Cleanser (Lash Shampoo)

Eyelash Extension Cleanser (Lash Shampoo)


    Clean and well-groomed eyelash extensions last much longer! Therefore, the eyelashes should be cleaned every day with an eyelash extension cleanser as part of the eyelash care.

    Benefits of the eyelash extension cleanser

    1. The Lash Shampoo prevents make-up residues, dust, and oils from decomposing the adhesive that holds the eyelash extensions in place. Regular cleaning increases the durability of the eyelash extensions.
    2. An lash cleaner will also help prevent bacterial eye infections (such as blepharitis) and keep the eyes and lashes healthy. It removes make-up residues and oils and dead skin cells mites on the eyelashes and around the eye area.
    3. By removing the shampoo thoroughly, inflammation can be excluded.
    4. It's the best face wash for eyelash extensions! The Lash Cleanser easily removes waterproof mascara from natural eyelashes or eyelash extensions.
    5. Because of the eyelash extension cleanser's oil-free formula, the eyelash extensions' durability is significantly extended. In contrast to ordinary make-up removers, eyelash shampoos do not contain oils.
    6. The eyelash extensions are kept in perfect shape until the refill appointment. A collapse of the eyelash fans is therefore impossible.
    7. The specially developed formula strengthens the eyelashes and gives them a unique shine.
    8. The Lash Cleanser stimulates the growth of the eyelashes. If the eyelid edge is covered with dirt and dust particles, then no new eyelashes grow back. It helps natural eyelashes grow.
    9. The Lash Shampoo can also only be used for natural eyelashes. The formula is very gentle and nourishing for eyelashes.
    10. The lash cleaner is a make-up remover for eyelash extensions and a natural face cleanser.

    A professional eyelash stylist knows best how valuable a good lash shampoo is. It not only makes customers happy in the long term but also helps in their daily work. Our eyelash cleaner is perfect for people with sensitive eyes. The eyelash shampoo formula is very gentle and free of chemicals that can injure or burn the eyes. The cleaning foam can be easily dosed thanks to the pump dispenser. If you apply a pump to the back of the hand, it shines with its solid formula. It does not run in the hand and can be easily applied to the desired eye area with an eyelash brush. The eyelash extension cleanser has been expertly crafted and is now very popular all over the world. The eyelash shampoo keeps the lashes clean and contributes massively to the longevity of the eyelash extensions. With its gentle, paraben-free, and water-based formula, the lash cleaner provides plenty of moisture and care.

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