About Us

We at Conny Lashes believe in diversity and uniqueness. A professional eyelash extension brand that is currently setting trends around the world. Our lash extensions products are well known in every nook and cranny of the planet, but a beauty story has to begin somewhere.

More than ten years ago

Our story began more than ten years ago in Austria. It was already our goal to make the world more beautiful and artistic. Salon owner Conny got frustrated by the lack of eyelash extension products that were available on the market. Based on her experience and technical know-how, she knew exactly what makes a product the best, and this inspired her to create her own brand. For us, it's a huge commitment to improve continually, choosing and creating the best lash products and for it to always be readily available for you, not to mention a swift mechanism for prompt delivery.

We offer the most extensive assortment of lash extension products worldwide

Thanks to our customers, we have become one of the most popular shops with the broadest selection of lash extension supplies worldwide. Our customers can choose between a vast number of unique products in our e-shop. We are always working on bringing new and exclusive products for you.

Endless effort

We serve the demand for professional lash artists with high-class work and the most suitable lash extension products. We aim to get your order to you safely and as fast as we can. Thanks to our team, it takes a few hours for your desired product to get on its way to you. Your satisfaction is our priority.