Private Eyelash Extensions Training Course

Private Eyelash Extensions Training Course

Our 1-day private eyelash extensions training course is focused on your expectations which will help you improve your skills. No more struggling with application style, lash knowledge, or other things related to eyelash. We desire to assist you with our professional tips and well acquired knowledge in the one-on-one lash course. The private eyelash course is completely customised to fit your needs and your foresight. The eyelash course is available by request and availability. The private one-on-one eyelash extensions training course will level up your lash game and help you achieve your goals. As a part of the Conny Lashes Academy, you will get lifetime support and discounts in our lashes shop to ensure you have everything you need for a successful career.

What is taught at the private eyelash extensions training course?

The focus on private lash training is entirely on you. We will analyse your weak point and make you a professional.

Structure of the one-on-one eyelash course

The private eyelash extensions training course starts from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. The eyelash training is customised to your business and lashing goals. After we worked on your weaknesses, you will work on a live model. If you don’t have a live-model, we will provide you one.

Lash Extensions Kit

Our fully stacked lash extensions kits include all the premium products you’ll need to work with on your potential clients. A significant benefit of being part of the Conny Lashes Academy is that our students get a 10% lifetime discount in our lash shop.

Why choose our Private eyelash extensions training course?

Eyelash extensions beauty treatments have become increasingly popular around the world. Maybe you have already taken a lash extension course, but you are not satisfied with your performance yet. Our international lash artists will train you, help you achieve your goals and become the best lash technician in your city. We offer a large selection of eyelash training, and after you go through our lash academy, you will be a certified lash artist. As a member of our academy, you will have great opportunities in our lash extensions shop. 

How to pay for the Private eyelash extensions training course?

The eyelash extension training can be paid for via different monetary channels such as; Paypal, Instant bank transfer and credit card. By making full advanced payment, you can secure your seat. Our 24/7 online booking is an easy and fast way to participate in our eyelash training.

Lash certification

All our lash extensions classes are diploma courses. On the completion of the lash training, you will receive a pro diploma certificate issued by the Conny Lashes academy. This certification will serve as a guarantee to attest and corroborate to the fact that lash certification will help you in your career as a lash artist.