Become a Lash Extensions Trainer

Conny Lashes is a lash extensions brand that is specialised on high-quality eyelash extensions products and accessories. Besides that, we are offering professional eyelash extensions courses. If you share the same passion for lash extensions as we do, then you are at the right spot. We are a family of the most highly educated and skilled professional eyelash extension trainers in the lash business and always looking for passionate trainers. Our certified trainers have team spirit and they enjoy providing their expertise and product knowledge to our students around the world.

What makes Conny Lashes certified trainers so special?

Our brand represents high quality. Our products and services speaks volume of how we always want to guarantee the best quality. We are teaching the worldwide newest application techniques pushing our students to reach for their goals and dreams. Our experienced trainers are highly competent, as lash extensions technicians and represent our famous brand with knowledge and enthusiasm.

How to become a certified lash extensions trainer?

We are always looking for professionals who share the same passion for lash extensions as we do. To train others, you will need to be on a top-level. After the successful completion of our lash academy courses, you can become a certified trainer. As a highly educated lash extensions trainer of our academy, you will start growing your business; grow your career and income through Conny Lashes. If you have completed our eyelash academy and can demonstrate skill and enthusiasm for the service, then apply as a certified trainer to join our Conny Lashes Academy family.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to become a Conny Lashes lash trainer? There is so much that goes into being an eyelash extensions trainer. Besides teaching, you have to perform administrative and organisation duties as well. Great trainers are not only skilled eyelash extension professionals, but are also a great performer and problem solver. Sometimes you have to be able to show qualities in handling challenges with professionalism and a positive attitude. As part of the Conny Lashes Academy, you have to be available for classes also on the weekends. You will gain from our highly recognised name and special discounts in our lash extensions shop. We hope this site has provided you with some help and advice on how to become a trainer in our academy. To express your interest in becoming a lash extensions trainer, please complete the interest form below. Once we received the form, we will contact you for further information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

- Conny Lashes

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