Mink Lashes (faux)

Mink Lashes (faux)

There are many ways to add length and volume to your eyelashes. The most effective method for longer and fuller eyelashes is the application of eyelash extensions. Our synthetic mink eyelashes are perfect for this.

What are our mink lashes made of?

They are one of the most popular eyelash extension materials currently used by stylists in their daily work. But what are the eyelashes made of? The artificial eyelashes are made of synthetic hair (polymers), microfibers, and silicone. They do not contain any organic substances. The individual components ensure that the individual eyelashes are robust and durable. A synthetic mink eyelash can hardly be distinguished from real natural eyelashes in terms of their quality. Our premium mink lashes are made exclusively from synthetic materials and do not contain any human hair eyelashes. They are more than an alternative to natural mink eyelashes.

Benefits of mink lashes

  1. The synthetic eyelash extensions have a slight sheen and guarantee glamorous, voluminous lashes look.
  2. Our synthetic mink eyelashes are very soft, flexible, ultra-light, and ensure efficient use.
  3. The mink eyelashes can be easily fanned out so that different volume looks can be created from a light volume to a beautiful red-carpet look.
  4. Our mink eyelash extensions are made of synthetic materials (poly fibers) and, thanks to their high quality, do not lose their beautiful shape even after weeks.
  5. The rough surface is more resistant to temperature fluctuations and has significantly improved adhesive strength and durability on the natural eyelash.
  6. The strong color depth of the synthetic eyelashes enables a thicker and fuller eyelash set.
  7. A major advantage of our mink eyelash extensions is that they can be peeled off quickly and easily from the eyelash strips.
  8. With our 0.05 mm mink eyelashes, 15 eyelash extensions or more can be shaped into a fan - without damaging the natural eyelashes.

Best mink lashes at Conny Lashes

The wearing comfort of mink eyelash extensions is incomparable. Most clients forget after a few hours that they are even wearing synthetic mink eyelash extensions. The result is an extraordinary mink lashes look every time. With the first fan, you can feel the flexibility and delicacy of the best mink eyelashes. Our mink lashes are available in various lengths and strengths. With the various curls, such as J, C, CC, D, DD, L, LC, LD, and M, nothing stands in the way of a type-appropriate eyelash look. In this way, special effects such as the cat-eye look, doll-eye, natural-eye, squirrel-eye, or open-eye lash look can be easily achieved. The eyelash extensions technique is tailored to the particularities of the eye shape, position of the eyes, and the depth of the customer's eyes. Depending on your taste, we also offer the lashes in different colors. Thus, individual eyelash styles can be conjured up without any problems. Conny Lashes stands for quality and customer satisfaction. We place great importance on eyelash extension products that are sustainably produced. The eyelashes offered are made exclusively from vegan and cruelty-free materials. Each package of mink eyelashes undergoes a new quality check before leaving our eyelash extensions store.  We have strict contracts with our suppliers and want to offer our customers only the highest quality and best eyelash extensions. Have fun shopping.