Eyelash extensions and lenses

Contact lenses have several advantages over glasses but are designed for the same purposes. Many women are interested in the question of the possibility of eyelash extensions when using lenses. Let us figure out if contact lenses are compatible with eyelash extensions.

Why it is possible

There are no special contraindications, but you need to consider a few things:

  • Eyelash extensions must be done with quality materials and by professionals.
  • To maintain eye health, it is necessary to go to a professional eyelash beauty studio. There is a risk that the eyelid can be damaged if the stylist is not a professional.
  • Contact lenses should be removed before the treatment. There is a risk of getting a special solution or glue into the eyes, and, consequently, onto the lens. Therefore, we recommend removing lenses.
  • Contact lenses can shorten the lifespan of eyelash extensions. When putting on contact lenses, fingers can rub against eyelashes and this can reduce the lifespan.
  • For allergies, it is better to use glasses or disposable contact lenses.
  • Use mild formulas for rinsing and storing contact lenses. They will erode the glue to a lesser extent, falling on the cilia when putting on lenses. In this case, the extensions will last longer.
  • Reduce contact of eyelashes with water within 24 hours after the treatment. Both the first washing and the first putting on of contact lenses can be allowed no earlier than 24 hours after the extension treatment. During this time, the eyelash extension glue will completely dry and harden.

Before a contact lens wearer decides on eyelash extensions, it is better to know all the nuances. Eyelash extensions do not cause any harm. The main thing is to follow all the rules of hygiene and trust your eyes to a professional.

Frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions and lenses

Can I wear contact lenses with eyelash extensions?

In fact, contrary to the assertion of some ophthalmologists, wearing contact lenses is not a contraindication to eyelash extensions.

What do ophthalmologists about eyelash extensions and lenses?

Ophthalmologists say that there are no contraindications for eyelash extensions and lenses. It is necessary to consider the possible risks. In fact, lenses and false eyelashes are compatible, but the extension treatment itself is quite delicate. The work requires not only certain skills, but also accuracy, high accuracy and attentiveness. That is why you should go to a professional.

Is it possible to use long-wear lenses with eyelash extensions?

Doctors believe that such lenses should not be used. The reason lies in the small particles of glue that inevitably get into the eyes. Then they get under the lens and have a bad effect on the eyeball. As a result, conjunctivitis or other inflammations may develop.

Do eyelashes crumble when putting on and taking off contact lenses?

Putting on and taking off lenses does not lead to a loss.

What eyelash volume can be made with contact lenses?

It is advisable not to increase the Russian Eyelash volume to a maximum, as this can lead to a deterioration in the protective function of the eyelashes and infection of the lens first, and then the eye.

What to do if the eyelids in the eyelash growth area itch?

Most often, itching after the extension procedure occurs simultaneously with redness of the upper eyelid and lash line. There may be several reasons for this: for example, increased sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the eye, an allergy to the materials used, dense or close gluing of eyelashes to the edge of the eyelid, burns. However, it should be remembered that the cause of itching can also be associated with the contact lenses themselves. In any case, the customer should immediately contact an ophthalmologist to solve this problem.


Eyelash extensions and lenses are compatible with each other. If you are an eyelash stylist, we recommend our professional shop. Here you can find the best eyelash extension products on one spot. The high-quality products are harmless and suitable for sensitive customers with contact lenses.

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