Why do my eyelash extensions stick together?

Sometimes women complain about sticked eyelashes. An eyelash extension treatment should be just done by a professional stylist to avoid a negative result. Wrong gluing leads to the fact that the natural hairs weaken and can fall out. A bad work can have many reasons. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Reasons for a bad eyelash extension work

Fact: A full set of eyelash extensions is a safe procedure that does not damage the eyes and skin of the eyelids. We always recommend that this job is carried out by a professional. A bad result is usually obtained, if women get their lash done in a low-price home studio. But sometimes we also get calls from clients that had a bad experience in a studio. We recommend checking the place before booking an appointment.

sticked together eyelashes

Why can eyelashes stick together?

  • A low qualification of a stylist with none or minimal experience leads to a non-uniform distribution of the lash glue and an uneven lash line.
  • The choice of material. Incorrectly selected artificial hair, which do not match the client's natural eyelashes in thickness and length, leads to damage to natural hairs.
  • Failure to take into account the general condition of the body and the presence of contraindications. For example, during pregnancy, it is better not to do eyelash extensions.
  • Low treatment costs attract customers who do not think about the quality of such a service.

Conny Lashes Tip: To determine if the lash extensions stick together, use a simple method. Comb the eyelashes from the roots to the tips after the treatment with a mascara brush. You can easily control, if eyelashes stick together. Not a single eyelash should stick together. If there are visible areas along the lash line, then work on it again. A true professional will correct it during the treatment.

Common Mistakes of Eyelash Stylists

Mistake #1

The use of cheap eyelash extension products. Many lash stylists try to save money on materials. But if the extended eyelashes stuck together or more serious consequences appear, the savings are unjustified. Low quality material does not last nearly as long as high-quality materials.

Result of Mistake #1

It will be unpleasant if the client's body gives an allergic reaction to a low-quality product. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Mistake #2

Many stylists use only one eyelash extension tweezer in their work. It is not a correct way for extending lashes. The job must be done with two tweezers. One tweezer separates the natural eyelashes and the other sticks the extension on a natural lash. There is a high risk, if a stylist uses only one tweezer to get the job done. There is no control about the glue that the lashes do not stick together.

Result of Mistake #2

The lash-line will break up into bunches sticking out in different directions and tangling with each other. It will be is impossible to comb them. Due to too much used glue, natural hair cycle will be stopped. There is just one opportunity: Remove the eyelash extensions immediately!

Mistake #3

If the stylist takes less than an hour for completing the job, then the procedure was probably performed poorly. An experienced artist needs 2-3 hours. Do not forget - each single lash or multiple fan gets sticked on each natural hair. That takes time, if it gets done professionally.

Result of Mistake #3

Such a quick procedure cannot lead to a good result. Meist beschweren sich Kunden nach einem solch kurzen Termin über Unbehagen.

Mistake #4

If a lash stylist incorrectly applies an extension and uses a low-quality glue. Then the hair will probably fall off at the root of the eyelash.

Result of Mistake #4

There is discomfort on the eyelids, eyelashes are prickly and last much less than the usual time. Remove them if there is discomfort.

Mistake #5

When building up a set of eyelash extensions, the lash maker does not leave a space of 0.5–1 mm from the skin of the eyelids. We do not recommend applying adhesive to the eyelids.

Result of Mistake #5

An eyelash glue on the skin of the eyelids causes discomfort. Eyelashes will prick the eyelids, especially when blinking. This bad work leads to injury to the eyelashes and the skin of the eyelids. Conny Lashes Tip: Remove them immediately!

How to avoid sticked together eyelash extensions

  1. Be very careful when choosing a stylist.
  2. Ask friends and acquaintances where they go to get their eyelash extensions done.
  3. Check out photos and reviews before booking.
  4. Look for a beauty salon or a stylist who only does eyelashes. If a person works the rest of the time in a completely different profession, and in the evenings earns some extra money, it is unlikely that you will get what you are dreaming for. Even in a beauty salon that offers ten different services you cannot always be sure of the skills. Dedicate time and find a great specialist who lives eyelash extensions and constantly extends his knowledge.
  5. Do not blindly trust a stylist, even if he has certificates and 10 years of experience. The beauty industry is rapidly developing. A professional stylist must be always up to date.

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