Faq about eyelash extensions

If you want to be a professional eyelash technician, you must be able to handle questions and objections. Here you will find the most important questions about eyelash extensions.

What are eyelash extensions?

The names “silk”, “mink” “flat”, indicate only the distinctive characteristics of certain eyelashes. All eyelash extensions are made of artificial material. When skin meets real animal hair, there would be a very high probability of developing an allergic reaction. The practicality of natural materials is significantly lower. The eyelash extensions we sell are micro-polyester filaments identical to human hair. They are very flexible and don’t bend or break when worn. It is important that eyelash extensions undergo high quality control to offer the best extensions to your clients.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

The growth of eyelashes has individual characteristics. Most clients wear eyelash extensions between 4-6 weeks, after they need to be corrected again. The quality of the eyelash extensions products and the correct care for eyelashes play a big role. The type of skin also does. Women with oily skin tend to have a shorter shelf life for the eyelash extensions because the oil dissolves the eyelash adhesive faster.

Do fake lashes look artificial?

It all depends on your clients wishes. If the client wants to have a natural set of eyelashes, no one will even guess that they fake. Professional materials allow you to achieve amazing volume lashes with 100% natural appearance of eyelashes.

In some case the clients want to have a “Drama Eyelash Look” so that others can see right away how beautiful they are. Anything is possible with eyelash extensions.

What should you never do with eyelash extensions?

Never rub your eyes and do not apply oil products, creams or ointments to the eyelids or eyelashes. Recommend your clients not to sleep with the face in the pillow.

What to do if eyelash extensions remain on the pillow?

Don’t worry if some extensions fall out. It is a normal lash renewal process and it happens daily. When the eyelashes are very light and short, women don’t notice it. If your customer wakes up and there remain a couple of eyelash extensions on the pillow they don’t have to freak out.

How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

We don’t recommend removing eyelash extensions yourself at home. The client should always come to the studio for removal process. The eyelash technician always takes responsibility for the beauty and health of eyelashes. Removing eyelash extensions at home, nobody can guarantee the safety of the natural eyelashes.

If your client still wants to remove it - the best option for home removal is to use our gel remover brush. It is a solvent for adhesive, which must be avoided in the eyes.

Is it possible to apply eyelash extensions for lens wearers?

The answer is yes. There are no medical contraindications if your client wears lenses. Eye drop moisturizers also do not harm the eyelash glue or the extensions. Many women who wear lenses love to have a fuller lash line.

Can eyelash extensions cause allergic reaction?

There is a very low probability due to individual characteristics and eye hypersensitivity. Use high quality eyelash products and always do a patch test before you have a new client. Then the risk is reduced to almost zero.

Can you apply bottom lash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions can be applied on upper and lower eyelashes. If the client has long and thick lower eyelashes it can be made.

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