The history of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions have a century of history. The materials and tools developed from decade to decade. Let us remember how the history of eyelash extensions began and which tools were used during the work.

History of eyelash extensions started in Hollywood

The journey started in Hollywood, where the make-up artist Maximilian (Max) Factor worked. By the way, the world-famous brand of cosmetics and skin care products is named after him. Max Factor collaborated with the people of the musical "Chicago". They decided that artificial eyelashes bring more feminity and makes the look more expressive and exciting. Max Factor carefully glued a thin fringe of artificial eyelashes to the upper eyelid and achieved the desired result - the audience was delighted with the charming eyes and women around the world wanted the same. The make-up artist caused a real revolution in the beauty industry.

Just a few at the time could afford to have eyelash extensions in everyday life. They looked spectacular on the screen or stage, but in everyday life were not very practical and looked unnatural. At first the fringe pasted on a thread was used. After that eyelashes began to be fixed in the form of separate hairs due to what produced effect of natural. The history of eyelash extensions starts to develop very quickly.

The growing fashion trend

In the 50s the technology was improved. Make-up artists began to use small bundles of lashes. They lasted longer and looked more natural than the ones they used before.

Eyelash extensions in history began to be used by movie girls, celebrities and secular ladies. Sophie Lauren was one of the big stars in the business. Her thick eyelashes left an unforgettable impression on fans.

The history of the eyelash extension classic technique started in Japan

In the early 2000s, the trend of eyelash extensions came to Japan. The Japanese technique differed from Hollywood. The first makeup artist who tried to embody the idea of artificial eyelashes was Shu Uemura. He invented a technique that created an effect of naturalness. An artificial eyelash, similar in shape and curl, was attached to each natural eyelash. Such eyelashes could be worn for up to 3 weeks, because they were not attached to the skin of the eyelid, but to the lash line.

The history of eyelash extensions moved from one continent to another. The technique got improved from year to year and is used nowadays by many eyelash stylists. Artificial eyelashes are difficult to distinguish from natural ones. The treatment quickly won the hearts of women all over the world. The classic one by one technique achieves a clear and bright look.

One of the first celebrity who had those kind of eyelash extensions in history was Madonna. She still holds the record of the most expensive fake eyelashes until today. Madonna came to a show with diamond-studded eyelashes, which later sold for 10.000,- USD.

What is trendy today?

The history of eyelash extensions started in the early 20 century. The procedure is considered one of the most popular in beauty salons nowadays. Many women love volume eyelashes. The trend of this special technique goes back to Russia. They started to apply 2 or more artificial hair on one natural eyelash. With the various techniques and looks, almost all possible styles can be made. It doesn't come from anywhere that this type of beauty treatment is probably the most popular around the world among women. The best eyelash extensions can be purchased in our eyelash shop.

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