How do you treat an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions?

Learning how do you treat an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions is very important if you are an eyelash artist. While these issues are uncommon, they do appear from time to time. That’s why you want to know the symptoms to look out for and what treatment you should pursue. It’s essential not to panic and identify where the problem comes from and how you can solve it. Once you do that, things will be a lot easier to handle and you can prevent any allergic reactions in the case of your clients.

How do you know there is an allergy to eyelash extensions?

Typically, you want to look for some particular symptoms. First, customers with allergies like this have swollen eyelids, which are a clear sign of problems with your eyelashes. Another symptom comes in the form of puffy/red eyes. They could also have cornea redness or an itchy eye, depending on the situation.

Most of these symptoms will appear within 48 hours once you add the eyelash extensions to your customer, and they get worse as time goes by. Usually, the side effects occur due to the eyelash glue and an ingredient named cyanoacrylate. As an eyelash artist, it’s a good idea to opt for sensitive adhesives; these still have cyanoacrylate, but in a much lower amount.

How can you remove the eyelash glue

Remove the eyelash extensions manually with a remover. It’s the safest and healthiest removal methode.

How to prevent any chances of irritation or allergic reactions for your clients?

A very good idea is to have your room/studio properly ventilated and try to use a fan to spread the fume away from your customer’s eyes. On top of that, it’s an excellent idea to opt for a pre-cleanse of the eyes using a saline solution. A nano mister can be great if you want fast curing. Before you apply eyelash extensions on a new customer always do a patch-test before. So you can be sure that the customer will not have an allergy to eyelash extensions.

How can an eyelash artist treat allergic reactions to eyelash extensions

  • The first thing you want to do is to take some antihistamines. It’s also crucial to remove the lashes quickly.

  • Using any anti-inflammatories can help prevent swelling. An artist can also help the customer with a cold comfort to reduce any swelling and discomfort that might arise in the affected area!

  • It’s a good idea to apply a minimal amount of cortisone cream to the affected area.

  • Taking some Benadryl can also come in handy.


If you have a customer that’s dealing with any allergic reactions to eyelash extensions, it’s crucial to go to the doctor as quickly as possible. The customer should never try to remove the eyelashes on his own. If the customer has an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions he should come back and a professional eyelash artist should always do the removal.

Although any allergic reactions to eyelash extensions are very uncommon, it’s essential to prevent any issues like this. Use sensitive eyelash glue for your customers, this lowers the chances of dealing with such issues. In case there are any signs of allergies, remove them quickly. If the issue still persists, then contacting a doctor for your client is a very good idea!

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