How should an eyelash artist’s workplace look like?

Convenience is the number 1 priority! The first thing to consider when furnishing a workplace is the convenience of the client. Therefore, your beauty salon should have a comfortable couch or chair with some orthopaedic pillows. You spend the entire day with doing lashes, that’s why your own comfort is also very important. Therefore, you need a convenient chair with a back that will allow you to work for hours without having pain in the back and neck. It is advantageous if the chair is on wheels and can be adjusted in height.

The brighter the better! The light plays a big role when equipping a professional eyelash extension artist’s workplace. You must clearly see each extension, as well as the eyes shouldn’t get tired of light quickly. One of the best options is convenient portable lamps with cold light.

Design a storage system in your eyelash artist’s workplace. The eyelash extension equipment should be placed at hand. A small table or a beauty trolley-shelf on wheels is a very convenient option on which you can place your eyelash extension equipment. A closet with tight doors that hide your working materials can be used as a storage.

Also don’t forget about the convenience factor in the eyelash artist’s workplace. Offer your clients some drinks, snacks and cover themselves with a blanket. Music can play in the background so that they can relax. The client will appreciate your concern and will probably become a regular customer.

Tips for eyelash technicians

Check out our helpful tips for the best start in your eyelash extension career:

  • Keep it simple! Choose the methods and techniques that work best for you. More difficult techniques can be tried on friends in future.
  • It’s not all about money, its about getting better and better each day! Don’t strive to make money right away and don’t rush when you have several appointments. It is better to work slowly, even refuse clients requests. You will gain experience and the necessary skills the sooner you believe. Eyelash extension work is for quality, not quantity.
  • Act like a pro because you are one! If a client has a disease of the eyes and eyelids don’t make eyelash extensions. If a customer wants to have eyelash extensions that are against health. Don’t do it.
  • Tell your first customers that you charge very loyal prices. That low prices are only temporary. Don’t be afraid to lose a client when you rise your prices after you gained experience. You will always find new ones.
  • Start right from the beginning with making an eyelash extension customer base. Record the first and last names, the most frequently used extension methods, preferences and so on.
  • Customer service has highest priority! Call the customer after a couple of days and ask if everything is comfortable. Your customers will appreciate that.
  • Always inform your customers about the after care of eyelash extensions.
  • Don't take it too seriously! Failures are not uncommon and there are plenty of unreliable clients too. Try to be more patient and understanding in certain situations. Focus on improving your skills and growing your business.

Never give up and you will succeed!

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