How to apply hydrogel eye patches like a pro

Eyelash treatments, such as extensions, colouring, removal and lamination, require not only qualified execution, but also high-quality products - one of them are hydrogel eye patches. Patches can be made from different materials. Beside protective, they also have other functions. Why are they an important eyelash tool? How to apply them? Let’s go deeper into that topic.

What are hydrogel eye patches?

Patches get applied during the eyelash work to isolate the lower eyelashes. Hydrogel eye pads are probably the most popular variety. Those eye gel pads are most often used by stylists for eyelash extensions, removals and lash liftings. They are very comfortable. At the heart of such an eyelash product is a medical polymer material with a hydrogel inside. They are mainly produced in white, which makes the work easier for the eyelash stylist. The eyelashes stand out very well against the bright background. The eye pads do not come off from alone during treatments and do not interfere, they are pleasant in wearing. The chance of an allergic reaction is very low. They are available in different parameters. There are also thicker, but it depends on the amount of gel inside the pad. There are also ultra-thin products. Such pads are also convenient because they do not leave residues on the skin. Another advantage is that the patches have a beneficial effect on the eyelids. The skin becomes softer and smoother. Under eye gel pads can contain vitamin E and collagen. They nourish and moisturize the skin during the treatment. 

What are eye patches for?

Eye patches are an important part of eyelash treatments (eyelash extensions, lash liftings, dyeing, removals). They are used in the pre-work to isolate the lower eyelashes from the upper. Eye pads get applied to the lower eyelid area. It is very important to use proven and high-quality products, since the thin skin around the eyes is very easy to injure. The eye pads get glued along the water line.

hydrogel eye patches

Different materials of eye-patches

The pads can be made from the following materials:

  • Paper pads: Those are the most budgetary types of eye-pads. They are disposable and have a sticky layer. They don’t have a caring function.
  • Hydrogel eye pads: They are filled with fatty acids and extracts. Due to their structure, they adhere tightly to the surface around the eyes. They have a nourishing and caring function. In our opinion those are the best eye patches. We recommend using this pads material for eyelash treatments.
  • Silicone eye pads: They are reusable and non-slipping.

Different types of eye pads

  • Disposable patches: They are usually sold in packs of 10-100. It is the most hygienic option for beauty salons.

  • Reusable eye pads: Reusable eye pads are mostly sold in pairs. After the work with a reusable patch, it must be rinsed with water and cleaned with disinfectants.

Why are eye pads so important?

For various cosmetic treatments (eyelash extensions, lash liftings, eyelash dyeing, removals) must be taken that the upper row of eyelashes is separated from the lower one. This needs to be done for several reasons. During the eyelash extension treatment, the stylist works with a special adhesive that is applied directly to the eyelashes. It is important to separate the lower eyelashes so that the glue do not stick the upper and lower eyelash row together.

eye pads extensions

Another reason to use hydrogel eye patches is not only to create a comfortable working environment, but also to keep the client safe. Hydrogel eye pads protect the skin around the eyes from damage and from the ingress of colouring pigment during the procedure. Every stylist knows that the beginning of any procedure is applying patches. The handle must be implemented very easily.

How to properly apply pads under the eyes

When carrying out eyelash treatments (extensions, lash lifting, dyeing, removals), stylists use patches for the lower eyelids. This is how it works:

  • Before applying, the skin gets pre-cleansed. Use a lash shampoo. After the surface is dry, start with the application of the hydrogel eye patches.
  • The packaging gets opened just before the moment of application.
  • The pads get applied to the skin under the lower eyelid. The client’s eyes should be as open as possible. Separate the lower and upper eyelashes with a special comb. Pay special attention to the hairs in the corners of the eyelid. To make them stick to the skin much more tightly, it is recommended to fix a small piece of medicine tape on the inner and outer corners of the pad.
  • For a better fit, the ends of the pad should fit snugly against the skin. Without touching the eyelashes, glue the pad on the lower eyelid along the entire length of hair growth. The base manages to give up all the nutrients, so there is no point in over pressing the patch.
  • Smooth out creases and bubbles. The client should feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Remove the eye gel pads after the eyelash treatment carefully. Pull the outer edge from the temple to the nose and up carefully.
  • Consider the fact that used pads are disposable. They should be thrown away immediately after each treatment.

How to choose the best under-eye-patches?

The best option is considered to use best eye pads that are lint-free, thin and non-irritating to the skin, made from hydro gel. For pads, stickiness is also important. The client’s comfort and the convenience of the eyelash stylist's work must have the highest priority. In addition, it is important to consider the quality of materials.

Professional lash mapping for different eyelash extension styles

Correct markings are very important for a clean eyelash extension work. Many eyelash stylists use eye pads for an optimal guidance during the work. It can significantly affect the final result of the work. We recommend marking the pads on each customer every time. It makes the eyelash extension work clearer and the speed faster.

markings eye pads

Advantages of professional hydrogel eye patches

  1. Moisturizing: They nourish the delicate skin around the eyes with moisture and vitamins. The main component is collagen. Mostly they also contain various extracts of plants and fruits.
  2. Rejuvenation: Eye gel patches combine all modern scientific advances in the field of rejuvenation and regeneration. It contains peptide components, collagen and allantonin.
  3. Smoothing wrinkles: A small “Botox effect” is manifested. Such eyelash products contain collagen. It is an important ingredient for strengthening the vascular wall and it increases the hence the elasticity of the skin.
  4. Supply of food to the cells: These eye pads are healthy. As a rule, they are made on the basis of the retinol and other expensive raw materials (plant extracts, minerals). Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and can suppress the growth of malignant cells. It can normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, it increases local skin immunity, and is able to brighten and refresh the face.
  5. Removal of puffiness: The eye gel pads remove swelling and dark circles around the eyes.

For dyeing eyelashes

Eye pads are not just only for eyelash extension, removal and lash lifting treatments. They can also be used for dyeing eyelashes. During the work the skin around the eyes is reliably protected from colouring compounds. Eye gel pads are securely fixed on the skin and do not slip on it. In addition, the cosmetic effect should be noted. The patches may contain hyaluronic acid, which helps to reduce expression lines. Natural extracts also have beneficial effects on the skin.

Problems that can occur and how to solve them

Beginners often face the same problems when applying our hydrogel eye patches and this can be challenging sometimes. We prepared the most important FAQs:


What to do if the under eye pad stings into the eye?

There are no dangerous ingredients to the human body in the product itself. When it gets on the mucous membrane, causes discomfort and increased tears out of the client’s eyes. Such factors interfere with the work of the stylist and are unlikely to please the client. This problem can be avoided. The likely reason for the edges getting into the eye is because the pad is applied in the wrong position. The outer edge of the patch should match the base of the water line, but does not overlap it.

What to do if the eye patches don’t stick and constantly peel off?

The most common reason for this problem is poorly pre-treated skin under the pad. Cosmetics and fats can negatively affect the ability of the adhesive side to stay in one place. Be sure to pre-treat the skin with a lash shampoo.

What to do if the lower lashes are constantly coming out from the pad?

This happens when the product gets applied incorrectly and bubbles form on its surface. The best solution to this problem is the correct gluing technique. First apply the pad close to the water line so that it fixes all the lashes. Then start smoothing the pad so that there are no bubbles inside.


Hydrogel eye patches have become an indispensable tool for eyelash treatments. Nowadays there is a variety of products available. You can buy the best eye patches in our shop.

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