How to choose the best curl for eyelash extensions

Before you start applying eyelash extensions you should decide which curl fits best to the customers face. This choice directly affects the final result, how the eyelash extension look will look after the treatment. Here you learn, how to choose the best curl for your customers.

You are the Lash boss

Never forget, you are the Lash Boss! Listen to the wishes of your clients and analyse them. Here it is worth considering the shape of the eyes, the condition of the natural eyelashes and the customers lifestyle. The different eyelash extension curls fit to specific eye shapes. The maximum naturalness of length and curl is very important. The fake eyelashes shouldn’t differ from the natural eyelashes. The length shouldn't be longer than 1/3 than the natural eyelashes. This will give your customer an unnatural look and damage the lashes. Now there is a large number of eyelash extension curl options. For simplicity they are named by letters:

J curl eyelash extensions

The J curl is the most popular type of bend when it is about creating a natural eyelash extension look. The straight curl is designed to lift natural eyelashes and add a bit of length.

B curl eyelash extensions

These eyelashes are a little bit more curved than the J curl. The slight curve will accentuate the beautiful cut of the eyes. The natural B curls can be used for younger and older women.

C curl and CC curl eyelash extensions

The C curl and CC curl eyelash extensions are the most versatile and common form. They perfectly adjust the shape of the eyes and allow you to correct the location of the eyes to make them look more open and expressive.

D curl eyelash extensions

The D curl is a good option for customers with very straight natural eyelashes. With D curl lashes you can create the effect of a “Doll Look” and hide the overhanging eyelid. They come out thick and expressive.

M curl eyelash extensions

The M curl is a good opportunity for adding more volume and length to the eyelash look. The M curve looks longer than previous ones.

U curl eyelash extensions

The u curl is for women who love to wear bright make-up. It is the most curled bend. We recommend not using this curl for customers over 40 years.

L curl and L+ curl eyelash extensions

Those curls make the look more open and attractive. It is ideal for Asian customers. The overhanging eyelid becomes less visible and the eyes look rounder.


When you are trying to find the best eyelash extension curl for your customers always check their eye shapes. It is very important that the curvature fits best to the eyes. Eyelash extensions should bring more joy and brightness in your customers face. If you are interested in high-end-quality eyelash extensions, then visit our shop.

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