How to choose the best eyelash extension tweezers

Eyelash extension tweezers are important tools for a professional. A treatment without them would be impossible. The comfort, speed and result of the stylist’s work depend on the quality of the tweezers. In this article, we will look at the features, types and which tweezers are best for an eyelash stylist.

What are eyelash extension tweezers used for?

It looks very simply. Select and separate a natural eyelash and glue one artificial or an eyelash fan to it. This is a very delicate work that requires close attention and patience. But also, special tools that will speed up the work. Professional eyelash tweezers will help during the treatment. There should be at least two of them - one for holding and separating a natural eyelash, the second for capturing, holding, fanning and sticking one or more eyelash extensions.

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How many lash tweezers does a stylist need?

A stylist who is familiar with the work knows which tweezers are needed for eyelash extension. You will need two of them at once at the same time:

one - to select and capture one natural hair in the ciliary row, the

second - to take an artificial eyelash or fan and attach it to the natural eyelash.

What to look for when choosing professional eyelash tweezers?

In general terms, the requirements for choosing the best eyelash extension tweezers are as follows:

  • The extension tweezers must be well sharpened, with fine sharp tips.
  • The tip should be manufactured on point. There should be no curved sides.
  • The eyelash extension tweezers must be chosen not elastic. Hand fatigue must be excluded.

Conny Lashes tip: If it is difficult to close the tweezers, then the hand gets tired immediately. With two fingers, quickly close the tweezers for 1 minute. Do the fingers get tired? If it is comfortable then the lash tweezers are fine for you.


When choosing the best eyelash extension tweezers, it is important to check the tool weight. The lighter the tool, the faster the procedure and the less tired the fingers. We produce very lightweight eyelash extension tweezers and they are highly in demand.

Types of eyelash extension tweezers

The best eyelash extension tweezers are characterized by many parameters. The shape of the tweezer determines its purpose. Some types are convenient as universal “starting” tools for beginners, others are excellent help in performing volume eyelash extensions.

Straight lash tweezers

They serve during the work with the left hand for right-handers, with the right hand for left-handers. They are designed to capture and highlight natural eyelashes. Straight tweezers can also be used to glue classic lashes.

Conny Lashes tip: Pay attention to the tip of your straight tweezers: it should be fine and well sharpened. Otherwise its not the best eyelash extension tweezer for working.

Curved tweezers

Curved eyelash extension tweezers are beginner friendly. If you peel an extension off the strip, hold it just like a regular pen. The different shapes of curved tweezers differ in the width of the tips.

A smooth angle is ideal for classic extensions. If the tweezers have wider tips, it is convenient for volume eyelashes.

L shaped tweezers

Many eyelash stylists advise these tweezers for volume lashes. They are ideal for forming eyelash fans from 2D to extra volume. The tip of such tweezers firmly grabs the hair of any curl and allows it to be safely glue at a distance from the eyelid.


Finding the best eyelash extension tweezers can be a hard challenge for an eyelash stylist. There are many companies that sell high quality tools. We are proud to present you our collection of tweezers that are proven by many experts. We offer diamond dust tweezers that guarantee an even better grip.

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