How to choose the perfect length of eyelash extensions

There are a few things you need to know when choosing the right size of eyelash extensions. It is about the selection of materials, lengths and diameter for different eye shapes. Let’s go deeper to the selection of eyelash extensions by size.

Round eyes with closed edges

There should be no difficulties for an eyelash artist, if a customer has this type of eyes. It is allowed to use different sizes of eyelash extensions. In this case, the length gradually increases from the inner to the outer edge of the eye. With this shape of the eye, the extension looks the most natural. We recommend lenghts from 7mm to 12mm.

Drooping eyelids

The longest eyelash extensions should be at center of the eye. Closer to the edge of the eye, the length should become more natural. This visually makes the eyes look more natural and hides the drooping eyelids. We recommend eyelash extension lenghts from 7mm to 11mm.


If a customer has almond eyes there is no limit. Use eyelashes of various lengths and feel free to combine them with each other. The best solution is to make the edges shorter and when it comes to the center of the eye a bit longer. We recommend lenghts from 7mm to 14 mm.

Eyes located at a wide distance from each other

Here you need to create a rounder shape. Use longer eyelashes that you apply in the middle of the eye. It is also possible to extend eyelash extensions of the same length along the entire lash line. We recommend eyelash extensions from 8mm to 13mm.

Less natural eyelashes on the outside corners

Here is the “squirrel-effect” the best option. Use long, curved eyelashes to extend the outer corners of the eye. We recommend eyelash extensions from lengths 7mm to 11mm.

Overhanging outer eyelid

Women with outer overhanging eyelids should have very long eyelashes. The only thing is to choose a length that is not too long to create a nice look. We recommend eyelash extension lengths from 7mm to 13mm.


Women with Asian eyes are characterized by a narrow cut. There you need to make the eyelash extension style rounder. Building up in the are of the middle of the eye will help. To emphasize the beautiful shape of the eye, use longer eyelash extensions at the outer edges. The main thing is that there is a nice transition between lengths. We recommend eyelash extensions from 7mm to 11mm.

Raised outer eye corners

Many customers with this eye-shape note that this is more an advantage than a disadvantage. Therefore, you should try to emphasize this. Apply the eyelash extensions of medium length only in the corners of the eyes. We recommend eyelash extension lengths from 7mm to 13mm.

Deep set eyes

Here the eyes look very big and you need to reduce that a little bit. Use eyelash extensions that are just a few millimetres longer than the naturals. We recommend using curls from J, B, C.

Tip: Always check the length of the natural eyelashes before you choose a size. Never use too long artificial hair. The health of your customers lashes is very important.

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