How to create volume eyelash extensions like a pro

Lovely volume eyelash extensions are no longer a beauty secret. The technique has developed over years and is continuing. It has proven that even clients with short and thin eyelashes can get an expressive look. Here you will find everything you need to know about volume lashes – the latest trend in the industry.

What are volume eyelash extensions?

Volume lash extensions are very popular worldwide. The technique allows you to radically change natural expressionless eyelashes, giving them density and volume to achieve maximum effect. It requires a lot of knowledge and many hours of training. With the treatment, you can achieve an effect from 2D to 12D by attaching not one, but two or twelve eyelash extensions to one natural eyelash. The more extensions that are attached, the thinner the diameter should be. Volume lash extensions emphasize the lash line, filling the space between the eyelashes and highlighting thin natural eyelashes. The lightweight hairs don't require a lot of glue and the technique doesn't do damage to natural eyelashes.

natural volume lashes

Step by step guidance for a natural volume lashes work

The technology for voluminous lashes requires a lot of training, experience and precision. The use of high-quality materials, including best eyelash extensions and glue, helps to achieve the best results. Here you will find a step by step guidance:

  1. The expert must analyse the structure and type of the client’s natural eyelashes. After that the expert recommends a suitable style including material, curl, lengths, diameter, color.
  2. The pre-work contains the remove of make-up and cleaning of the eye area with a special eyelash shampoo. The eyelashes get prepared with a primer before applying.
  3. The lower eyelashes get fixed, with an eye pad so that they don’t interfere, during the application.
  4. The eyelash stylist starts to create eyelash fans with a tweezer. Each fan gets glued one by one on one natural eyelash. This procedure repeats up to 300 times per eye.
  5. When the work is finished, the expert will gently remove the pad and comb the eyelashes with a brush.

Although the adhesive sets almost instantly, the final polymerization process takes some time. For the first few hours, it is advisable not to touch the eyelashes.

How long does the natural volume lashes treatment take?

The time depends on many different factors:

  • Number of client’s natural eyelashes
  • The selected eyelash volume – the more volume, the more time
  • The condition of the client’s natural eyelashes
  • The experience of the eyelash stylist
  • The client behaviour – constantly spinning, talking, etc.

A high-quality work for natural volume lashes takes around 2,5 hours and mega volume lashes 3 hours or more. The work in such time can be achieved with daily practice in a few months.

Conny Lashes Tip: Don’t chase speed while working – speed will come by itself. Clients must understand that a high-quality work cannot be done in 60 minutes.

What is the best material for russian volume lashes?

The volume comes not only by the techique, but also by the used material:

Mink eyelash extensions: It is the most common type for russian lashes, as due to the thickness they create the impression of thicker eyelashes. They are the best choice for an intense look.

Cashmere eyelash extensions: They are the lightest and finest fibers. They are the best choice for clients with thin eyelashes. Cashmere lashes create a fluffy look.

volume lashesWhich lengths should be used for volume eyelash extensions?

The length of the eyelashes varies from 6-14 mm. We don’t recommend using lengths more than 14mm, because of the additional weight. Eyelash extensions of 7 mm and 12 mm are considered very practical. They don’t weigh down the lash line and they are perfect for a natural lash extension everyday wear. Various eyelash styles require different lengths that are combined on one eye.

Which diameters should be used for volume eyelash extensions?

You should use the most suitable material for the new set of volume lash extensions. There is a simple rule: The more eyelash extensions are attached on one real eyelash, the smaller the diameter should be. The largest diameter for volume lashes is 0.10 mm and the smallest are 0.03 mm. Eyelash extensions with diameters of 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07 mm can also be used for the volume lash extension technique.

diameter volume lashes

Which curls should be used for volume eyelash extensions?

The most suitable curl should be selected by the stylist together with the client. The main parameters for the selection are the shape of the eyes and the desired look. The chosen eyelash extension curl is very important for an excellent work. The curls are indicated by letters: J, B, C, CC, D, DD, L, LC, LD, M. A professional eyelash stylist usually uses C, CC, D, DD curls for volume lashes.  It always depends on the look – sometimes also the L, LC, LD Curl or M Curl are used.

curls volume lashes

Volume vs. classic eyelash extensions

The “classic” technique adds the desired length to the natural lashes. Volume eyelash extensions emphasize the growth line of the eyelashes and make them look more voluminous and dense. Many clients don’t only want to maximize the length of their eyelashes, but also want to have more volume. Volume eyelash extensions are optimal for this and can look very natural if they are applied by an expert. Natural volume lashes are sticked in a fan-shaped form, which is very difficult to learn without professional training. Russian lashes are thinner and lighter than the eyelash extensions that are used for classic extensions.

volume lash extensionsclassic lash extensions

The volume technique requires attaching more than one hair to one natural eyelash. For somebody who is unexperienced it may seem that the increased volume will damage the natural eyelashes. But in many cases one mega volume eyelash can weigh less as one classic eyelash. It means that it will not damage the natural hairs.

When choosing between volume lash extensions and classic lashes, consider the wishes of the client. If the client has naturally thick eyelashes and don’t want to increase the eyelash volume, then the classic technique will help to achieve the desired length. If the client wants to add more fullness and length to the lash line, volume lashes are the best choice. Volume eyelash extensions are also suitable for adding extra density to clients with naturally thick and long eyelashes.

How long do volume lash extensions last?

If we talk of a proper care and high-quality work of the technician, the eyelashes should last on average for around four weeks. During the procedure the gaps will be filled with new fans after the natural eyelashes have fallen out. The time between refill appointments is different for everyone. Most of the time clients come after four weeks, and others after 6 weeks.

Volume lash extension care

The aftercare is very important to make the eyelash extensions last as long as possible. We recommend adhering to the following rules:

  • Don’t go swimming on the first day after the treatment
  • Don’t rub your eyes or pull the eyelids
  • Don’t curl or laminate the eyelashes
  • Don’t use mascara
  • Don’t sleep with your face in the pillow
  • Don’t use oily cosmetics products
  • Wash and brush the eyelash extensions daily

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