How to do 2D eyelash extensions like a pro

When it comes to beauty, every woman would like to look like a goddess without compromising naturalness. Full and long eyelashes play a significant role in this. The beauty industry offers a quick and pronounced solution - eyelash extensions. One of the most popular technique for a natural look are 2D eyelash extensions. A professional eyelash stylist should know how to apply them, because they are highly in demand. Women all over the world love the natural look and 2D lashes will bring many happy and returning customers.

What are 2D lashes?

They are also called "double-volume-lashes". 2D eyelash extensions are for women who want to achieve a medium eyelash volume without the need for daily mascara application. The effect of additional volume and a more expressive look gets achieved by attaching two extension onto one natural eyelash. Women who already tried "classic" lashes, often decide to go one nuance more volume. By attaching thin extensions, the look becomes more natural and lighter. If the customers natural eyelashes are naturally thicker, the look will be especially impressive. If the eyelash extension style fits to the client’s eye shape, the eyes can be visually corrected if necessary. 2D lash extensions are one of the most popular techniques, as they give the lashes density, while maintaining a natural look.

3d lashes

How to do 2D lash extensions?

  1. First, the eyelash stylist will carefully listen to the clients wishes and expectations. The stylist will create handmade 2D extension fans during the application and applies them to the natural eyelashes. Artificial eyelash fans will be glued side by side so that the general orientation is maintained, while the tips diverge in different directions. This is important for a neat, beautiful and well-groomed finished lash line. We recommend using mink lashes or cashmere extensions for 2D volume lashes. Both are very soft and most suitable for this kind of technique.
  2. After the analyse and discuss of the procedure, the eyelashes get washed with a lash shampoo. It is important to remove the make-up, before starting. A primer helps for a better bond. The lower eyelash row shouldn’t get in contact with the upper row. Eyelash pads and tapes will solve that problem.
  3. Then the eyelash extension work begins. The stylist starts creating 2D eyelash fans, dip into the glue and attaches them on the natural eyelashes. This process repeats around 150-200 times on one eye, depending on the amount of the customers natural eyelashes.
  4. When the work is completed, the eyelashes get combed with a brush and checked with a lash mirror. Small gaps should get corrected, before finishing the 2D lash extensions work. 

Conny Lashes tip: Always work with thin and light extensions when doing 2D volume lashes. Due to the low weight, they do not make the natural eyelashes heavier and cause no health problems or provoke allergies. Never use pre-made bundle lashes! They are short-lived and achieve a very unnatural effect. Customers will probably choose a more professional studio after this experience. Remember, for 2D eyelash extensions use only ultra-thin premium extensions.

How long does a 2D volume lash work take?

Applying extensions is a painstaking and long process. A lash extension 2D work takes about 2 hours. Techniques with bigger density will take even more time.

Who is suitable for 2D lashes?

2D lash extensions are for customers who want to achieve a natural effect with a medium density. They are suitable for every day. If the client’s natural eyelashes are bulky and fragile, then the 2D technique is not recommended. There is a high risk for the real eyelashes falling off, because of the extra weight.

Professional gluing

glue technique eyelash extensions

The extension gets attached with their base. The space from the eyelid should be between 0,5 – 1,0 mm. This avoids contact of synthetic hair and glue with delicate skin.

The best extension lengths for 2D eyelash extensions

The eyelash stylist needs to evaluate the customers natural eyelash structure, before doing 2D volume lashes. Both the length and the thickness of the natural eyelashes need to be analysed. We recommend using lengths between 7mm and 13mm depending on the eyelash extension style (squirrel-eye, fox-eye, cat-eye, natural-eye, open-eye, puppet-eye).

Conny Lashes tip: The length of the extension should never be 1/3 longer as the natural eyelash.

The best extension diameters for 2D lashes

If the natural eyelashes are evaluated and the lengths of the extensions were selected, the stylist must choose the diameters. We recommend using diameters of 0.07 and 0.10.

Do 2D eyelash extensions look unnatural?

If the stylist uses extensions of the correct length, then the eyelashes will look absolutely natural, even with a double volume. The look will become fluffier and more seductive. Thick voluminous lashes with a beautiful curl have always been considered a sign of femininity and attractiveness. The customers eyes will look amazing and 100 percent natural.

Correction appointments

The correction of eyelash extensions should always be carried out in a timely manner. The refill appointment should be done after 3-4 weeks. It is best if the refill will be carried out by the same eyelash stylist who did the new set. Here is what will be done:

  1. At the beginning of the work, the eyelash stylist washes the eyelashes with a lash shampoo.
  1. After everything is clean, the stylist combs the eyelashes with a brush. This is done in order to check the lash line.
  1. Outgrown eyelashes get removed with the tweezers. Most stylists apply the "banana" technique.

remove eyelash extensions

  1. New handmade 2D eyelash fans will be glued to fill gaps and to create a full and expressive lash look.

2D 3D Lashes

Sometimes it is difficult to choose between 2D and 3D eyelash extensions. Both techniques are very similar to each other and differ slightly in the number of extensions that get attached. Eyelashes should emphasize the look, but at the same the same time they must look as natural as possible. 2D lashes stand for the most natural eyelash volume look. 3D eyelash extensions create an even fuller look. If your customer cannot decide between both techniques, we recommend starting with 2D lashes and if they want to have more expressiveness, they can go for 3D lash extensions.

Classic vs. 2D eyelashes

Both are techniques that emphasize the natural beauty of the look. They make the eyes brighter and more expressive without compromising the natural look.

In comparison to 2D lash extensions, the eyelash stylist uses thicker synthetic eyelashes when doing classic lashes. Both classic and 2D lashes do not overload the natural eyelash row. The classic look has the effect that the eyelashes are tinted with ink. They appear longer, darker and more curled. 2D eyelashes look thicker and fuller but still natural.

The effect of both techniques is visually different. All depends on the parameters of the natural eyelash rows. For example, a "classic" eyelash extension, made on very thick, strong and dense natural eyelashes, is difficult to distinguish from 2D eyelash extensions. And the "double volume" on very sparse natural eyelashes looks so natural and neat that it is easy to confuse it with the "classic" extension technique.

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