How to do 4D eyelash extensions like a pro

Eyelash extension services are nowadays very popular. Depending on the wishes of the client, the stylist can create different volume lash styles in order to emphasize the depth of the look and the beauty of the eyes. One of the most expressive look are 4D eyelashes. The technique needs a lot of experience and training. Not many stylists are capable to create this professional lash look. Here you will find everything you need for creating 4D eyelash extensions.

What are 4D eyelash extensions?

4D lash extensions allow to achieve impressive volume and a fuller density of eyelashes. Extensions with a 4D effect are carried out by gluing four false eyelashes to one natural eyelash. Depending on the wishes of the clients and the anatomical features of the face, the eyelash stylist can achieve a variety of effects. The natural eye, squirrel eye, doll eye, sparse eye and the fox eye effect, as well as working with colour lashes. This allows to correct the anatomical features of the shape of the eyes, radically transform the look. At the same time, the more painstaking work and material are required, the higher the price for an eyelash extension service will be.

4d eyelashes

Who is suitable for 4D eyelash extensions?

4D volume lashes are worth trying. They are suitable for many clients.

  • 4D eyelashes are suitable for all skin colour types. The eye will shine like a diamond. It is just recommended to tint the eyebrows with a pen or other means in accordance with the tone of the hair and apply a transparent gloss to the lips.
  • They fox-eye effect in combination with 4D eyelash extensions corrects eyes that are set close to each other.
  • Clients who want to go to a party or photo shooting. They will be in the middle of everything with 4D lashes.
  • 4D lash extensions look great in combination with a nude make-up to accentuate the attractiveness of the look. A professional stylist knows the required length, curl, material and thickness to achieve the desired result, according to the correct proportions of the face.
  • For clients with round eyes, we recommend selecting the puppet eye lash look.
  • Clients with deep-set-eyes should get C or CC curl lash extensions.
  • The treatment is very popular among young girls, women over 35. 4D eyelashes are loved by blondes, brown-haired woman, red-haired women, and brunettes.

Conny Lashes Tip: 4D Russian volume lashes are suitable for any type of eyelash: Thick, dense, straight, light, short, etc. If the natural eyelashes are very weak and thin, there can be a problem of fragility and eyelash loss. In this case, we do not recommend 4D volume eyelashes. It is better to pay attention to lash care and restore. When the eyelashes get stronger and healthier, the 4D lash technique can be done without doubt.

Which lengths should be used for 4D eyelash extensions?

The lengths of the extensions can vary between 6-12 mm. Depending on the selected lash look, the lengths can be mixed.

Which thicknesses should be used for 4D lash extensions?

We recommend using eyelash extensions with diameters of 0,05 mm to 0,07 mm. Thanks to the uniform distribution of weight, such an extension with that diameters is comfortable and safe in everyday wear.

Which lash curls should be used for 4D eyelashes?

There are no restrictions in the degree of intensity of curls when doing 4D volume lashes. The eyelash stylist can use all kinds of lash curls when working with 4d volume lashes. The professional can use e.g. C, CC, D, DD, L, LC, LD, M lash curls.

Which material should be used for 4D eyelash extensions?

4D volume eyelashes are done by using lightweight artificial fibres. We recommend using mink lashes (faux) or cashmere lashes for this technique. Both materials are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. We sell the eyelash extensions in our shop.

4d eyelash-extensions

The working steps

4D lash extensions require a lot of experience. It is advisable to select an eyelash stylist that knows how to do the job. The working steps look like this:

  1. The eyelash stylist evaluates the condition of the client's natural eyelashes. The eye shape and the shape of the face play an important role in this step. In accordance with this, a specific lash look gets selected, which gets worked out individually for each client. The stylist selects extensions of a certain material, curl, length and thickness.
  2. Make-up and other residues get removed with a lash shampoo from the eye area. The eyelashes get prepared with a primer. It improves the adhesion of the glue to the eyelashes.
  3. An eye pad gets applied to the lower eyelid to prevent glue from getting on the lower eyelid and stick the lashes together.
  4. The eyelash stylist disinfects the lash tools, lays the prepared eyelash extensions on the working table and squeezes a drop of glue onto a glue holder.
  5. The professional grabs four single extensions with a tweezer and creates an eyelash fan. This eyelash fan gets dipped into the glue and gets attached at a distance of about 0,5 mm to the eyelash growth line. This process gets repeated many times.
  6. Excess adhesive and the eye pads get removed from the lower eyelid. The client can open the eyes.

0,5 eyelash extension

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment is a painstaking work. The eyelash stylist must attach a handmade eyelash fan with four extensions to one natural eyelash. This procedure repeats around 200-300 times per eye. Simple mathematical calculations show that 4D eyelash work can take between 2.5 and 3.0 hours.

How long do 4D volume lashes last?

In general, the duration of wearing depends on many factors (after care, used materials, working skills, eyelash cycle…). We claim that 4D eyelashes can last about 4 weeks, until they need a refill.


Volume 4D lashes allow to quickly transform a client’s appearance. It is a medium volume and it requires a lot of experience and training. 4D lash extensions should just be done by professional eyelash stylists.

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