How to do bottom eyelash extensions like a pro

The contrast between thick and long upper eyelash extensions and thin, sparse lower eyelashes can be very noticeable. To make the eyes appearance look bigger and brighter, the lower eyelashes can be tinted with mascara, but the effect will be short-lived. Longer-lasting results are promised by bottom eyelash extensions. You will find everything about the treatment, its features and technique is in our article.

Why lower lash extensions?

Lower eyelash extensions are not yet very common in the beauty industry, but they are gaining popularity. And this is not surprising, because the procedure allows to make the eyes look more open and expressive for a long time without any extra effort!

Who is suitable for bottom lash extensions?

They are perfect for clients who naturally have long and thick upper eyelashes. An experienced stylist will select the length and curl of the lower synthetic hairs so that the look will sparkle with new colours and will conquer with its expressiveness and beauty.

If the upper eyelashes are extended with the volume technique. This will balance the proportions and harmonize the image, giving more brightness to the lash look. The effect is clearly visible.

Lower eyelash extensions will also be useful for clients who want to visually correct the shape of the eyes. For example, women of wide-set eyes can easily hide this feature by simply extending longer extensions to the central and front part of the eyelid.

There are also creative options where the lower and upper hairs will have a different shade. This unusual style is perfect for a party or festive performance.

Conny Lashes tip: Bottom eyelash extensions are not the best option for clients with pronounced age-related changes. If there are wrinkles near the eyes or a low lower eyelid, the treatment should not be done. It is not necessary to increase the density of the lower eyelashes for women with a pronounced problem of an overhanging eyelid or drooping corners of the eyes.

bottom eyelash extensions

Advantages of bottom lash extensions

The popularity of this method increases very fast. And it is not surprising, because the treatment allows to make the eyes look more open and expressive for a long time without any extra effort. The service has several advantages:

  • The ability to correct the shape of the eyes and their expressiveness, depending on the wishes of the client.
  • Saves time when applying make-up.
  • Saves time when removing make-up.
  • The treatment has no direct medical contraindications.
  • The lower lashes achieve a beautiful natural curve.
  • The look becomes expressive and bright.
  • The eyes become more open.
  • High-quality eyelash extensions will emphasize the beauty of the cut and shape of the eyes and hide imperfections.

Which lengths should be used for bottom eyelash extensions?

We recommend using lengths of 4-6 mm. The length of the extension should not be more than 1.5 mm longer than the natural eyelash.

Which thicknesses should be used for lower lash extensions?

The lower eyelashes can be extended with synthetic hairs of 0.05-0.07 mm.

Which lash curls fit best for bottom lashes?

We recommend using the B curl and J lash curl. They look very natural on the lower row.

How long do bottom lash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions on the lower row last less long in comparison to the upper row. They approximately last around 2-3 weeks.

How much do bottom eyelash extensions cost?

The duration of the treatment takes around one and a half hours. There price for bottom lash extensions depends on the status of the salon and the skills of the eyelash stylist. It is in a range from 25 to 60 Euro.

Tips how to work like a pro

  • A lower eyelash extension should only be carried out after the extension of the upper row.

  • The client’s eyelids should be tightly closed during the work.

  • All technical requirements are mandatory (correct attachment of synthetic hair to natural, separation).

  • To create the most natural effect, the stylist can use several lengths of synthetic eyelashes.

  • We recommend using an eyelash glue with minimal evaporation and quick adhesion.

Conny Lashes tip: The lower row can be extended with any scheme. The most effective styles are classic lashes, double volume (2D lashes), natural- and the fox effect.

When you should not get bottom lash extensions?

  • Women who have naturally thick and dark eyelashes and get classic lashes on the top row. Everything will look quite natural and beautiful anyway.
  • Women who have pre-coloured their eyelashes or use mascara should not get bottom eyelash extensions.
  • Women with sparse and thin natural eyelashes on the lower eyelid. Especially if there are significant gaps. Fake eyelashes will accentuate it (especially if the extensions are long). We recommend inking the eyelashes instead of extending.
  • Women who cannot resist to touch and rub their eyes.

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