How to do squirrel eyelash extensions like a pro

Women want to look irresistible in any situation, no matter what time. Eyelash extensions help to look flawless and save time on daily make-up routine. Nowadays there are many eyelash extension techniques on the market. If you want to count to the best of the best eyelash stylists, then you need to know as many methods and technologies. One of them is the squirrel eyelash look. This technique guarantees a lot of new clients and success.

What is the eyelash extension "squirrel effect"?

The squirrel eyelashes technique is very popular worldwide. The method is very similar to "fox eyelashes". The length of the eyelashes increases from the center of the eyelid to its outer corner. Very long eyelash extensions are attached to the edge. The edges of the eyes stand out with a spectacular bend. Squirrel lash extensions got its name from the squirrel ears. Depending on the clients desired density, the style can be made with the classic or volume eyelash extension technique.

Step by step guidance for a professional eyelash extensions squirrel look

The work consists the following stages:

  1. The preparatory process. The expert cleans the skin of the eyelid from make-up and excess sebum with an eyelash cleanser. It is better to remove contact lenses. The eyelashes get prepared with a primer.
  2. Special hydrogel eye pads get fixed to the lower eyelid. They prevent the lower and upper lash line from sticking together. They are also a nourishing mask for the skin under the eyes.
  3. The self-made eyelash extension fans (depending on the choosen technique) get glued to the natural eyelashes. First, the shortest extensions are glued to the inner corner of the eye. The lengths of the eyelash extensions get longer towards the outer corner.
  4. When all eyelashes are in place, the stylist will gently remove the pad and comb the eyelashes with a brush.

How to achieve the best squirrel eyelash extensions effect?

To create the desired effect, the eyelash stylist takes four or more lengths of eyelash extensions. The shortest ones are 6 mm long, the longest ones can be 14 mm. The thickness of the hairs is also discussed with the client before the work.

If the client’s natural eyelashes are thin, it is recommended to use light material. The work starts with the selection of the length of the eyelash extensions. They must fit to the length, size, location and density of the client’s natural eyelashes.

squirrel eyelashes

The work starts from the inner corner of the eye with a length of 6 to 8 mm.  The second section from the centre outwards gets filled with the longest extensions. A smooth transition is made to a maximum length of 14 mm. The outer part of the eyelid is divided into four equal parts. This are will be filled with shorter eyelash extensions. Finish the outer corners with a short length (7-10mm). The transition from one length to another should be carried out smoothly, which allows to achieve visual expansion of the eyes.

Squirrel eyelash mapping

The stylist applies artificial hairs to natural eyelashes using adhesive, moving from the inner to the outer edge of the eye. The standard lengths are 14 to 6 mm. The thicknesses go from 0,03-0,15mm. The lengths depend on the client’s natural eyelashes. Also take into account the clients desire. The peculiarity of the technique is to create a smooth transition to the shorter hairs at the inner and outer corner. Many professionals use five or more lengths, so that the extensions are glued proportionally along the edge of the eye and give the expression of naturalness. Here is a professional squirrel eye lash map:

squirrel lashes mapping

Which curls are the best for the squirrel eyelash look?

We recommend using C, CC, D and DD eyelash extension curls. Those curls are most suitable for squirrel eyelashes and bring the desired effect.

squirrel effect curls

Which eye shapes are suitable for squirrel eyelash extensions?

Squirrel eye eyelash extensions are suitable for particular clients. The look is perfect for women with long and thick eyelashes, who want to visually lengthen and raise their eyes. If the structure of the natural eyelashes is different, it is better to look for a more suitable technique. Squirrel lash extensions suit best for:

  • Clients with round and almond eyes – the horizontal elongated line softens the rounded eye shape
  • Clients with close-set eyes – the squirrel effect slightly "spreads" the eyes to the sides, opens and enlarges them.
  • Clients with Asian eyes and narrow eyes – squirrel lashes will create an open-eye-effect
  • Clients with drooping eyes – squirrel eye eyelash extensions visually raise the outer corner of the eye and give them a more rounded shape.

Of course, squirrel eyelash extensions are not suitable for everyone. If the client has large or wide-set eyes, this eyelash extension style is not recommended. The look would only highlight the flaws on the eyes. The length and density of the natural eyelashes should be large enough and frequent. On few and short eyelashes, the squirrel effect will look not good. Since with squirrel extensions, from a third to a quarter of the length of natural lashes are added.

How long does the treatment take?

Creating squirrel eyelashes is a painstaking method. It requires accuracy and a lot of training. A skilled eyelash stylist is very important for an excellent job. The treatment time takes minimum 2 hours. If the client wants to have a special set with a 3D volume squirrel effect, then it will take at least 3 hours.

The refill takes a little less time. During the appointments, the eyelashes partially fall off and new ones grow in their place. At the refill, the stylist carefully examines the eyelash growth line, corrects flaws and glues new extensions. Therefore, it takes around an hour and a half to complete this job.

If the work is done in less time then, most likely, the eyelash stylist hurried and glued the artificial hairs not to each natural eyelash.

How long do squirrel eyelash extensions last?

Usually they last up to three to four weeks. It can be prolonged, but it depends on the characteristics and on the condition of the natural eyelashes. The work of the stylist and the used products also affects the "lifespan" of the eyelashes.

Taking medications and hormones can affect the duration of wearing squirrel eyelashes. Oily skin dramatically reduces the time of wearing, approximately by a whole week. The main reason is the negative effect of fat on the adhesive.

Conny Lashes Tip: If the skin gets cleaned with products to reduce oil content of the skin, then the period of wearing will increase.

Advantages of the squirrel eyelash extension effect

The main advantage of squirrel eyelash extensions is to create a beautiful eyelash look.

The style has even more advantages:

  1. The look will enhance the client’s eyes
  2. The shape of the eyes will visually change - the upper corners visually will rise
  3. Long lashes will draw attention to the eyes and accentuate their beauty
  4. It will not require the use of mascara
  5. Daily make-up is no longer needed
  6. It will add volume to the natural eyelashes
  7. The eyelash extensions feel lightweight
  8. They extensions are water resistant
  9. If the work is made by a professional, the style will suit perfectly to the client’s eyes

How to care for squirrel lash extensions?

The right after-care depends on their service life and the frequency of refill appointments. Here we have some useful recommendations that need to be provided to the client:

  • Take extra care when removing and inserting contact lenses. Be careful not to touch the eyelashes so as not to damage them.
  • Comb the eyelashes daily without touching the roots. A clean mascara wand works very well.
  • We don’t recommend applying mascara.
  • Swimming and diving in chlorinated water means shortening the wearing time of the eyelashes.
  • Don’t rub your eyelids when removing make-up. Gently remove the dissolved make-up with a cotton pad.
  • The adhesive is afraid of high temperatures - it is better not to visit the bathhouse too often.
  • Don’t sleep with the face in the pillow. It lets the eyelashes fall out fast and also leads to premature wrinkles.
  • Only use oil-free cosmetics.

The tips are simple and easy to understand. If the clients follow them - the "squirrel eyelash extensions style" will look great for a long time.

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