How to get certified to do eyelash extensions in Arkansas

Eyelashes play a major role in the beauty of the eyes as well as the whole face. If eyelashes are thick and enlarge, it adds to your beauty. To apply eyelash extensions you have to know and learn a lot. Special trainings are given for this job. For the certification of this skill, there are a few requirements that vary from state to state in the USA. Here we will talk about Arkansas.


To get certified to do eyelash extensions in Arkansas, you must have a license of cosmetology and esthetician. To apply for the license your age must be 16 years and also have completed a high school education of 2 years.


To get a license you must complete an approved program. The licensure must complete 1500 hours of training. Cosmetology programs are offered by vocational schools, junior colleges, and cosmetology schools. These programs are designed as a diploma/ certificate or an associate degree.


After the completion of the cosmetology program, you can apply for the license by submitting and completing the certificate of training form and the application for the practitioner exam form. For practical examination, you have to submit the fee of $ 65.


You have to pass a written (theory) exam as well as a practical exam to get the license of cosmetology in Arkansas. The location for the practical exams is 101 East Capitol Street, Suite 106, Little Rock. After passing the practical exam, you will be granted permission for the written exam.


After the practical exam, your eligibility will be determined by taking the written examination. You will receive an authorization letter from the cosmetology section. Then you can contact PSI Services for the timetable of the written exam.

The fee for the written exam is $60 that you have to submit it to PSI directly. If you can’t pass the written exam, you can again contact PSI Services and set a timetable for the retest. Now you do not need an authorization letter.

After completion of both practical and written examinations, you will receive an Arkansas cosmetology and esthetician license.


After having a license you can do a certification course of just 1 day. You can set the day which suits you.  In this course you will come to know about:

  • Product knowledge
  • Sanitation
  • Eye shaping
  • Lash application and removal

You have to deposit $250 that is not refundable. You need a model to come with you for your training which will be given in the last 2 hours. In this training, you will be given a kit, a list of the sites from where you can order for the products, template client intake, aftercare template, and a guide.

Eyelashes extension is a skill that requires proper training and a certificate to run a salon. If you live in Arkansas, you can easily get this certificate and start your business as an eyelash technician or artist. Just apply for the cosmetology and esthetician license then get a certificate and start your career.

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