How to get certified to do eyelash extensions in California

If you want to become a lash boss lady in California, we are here to guide you. In this article, we will help you to attain your highest skills and potentials in the beauty industry.


Yes, you can get the certificate of eyelash extensions in California. For this, the first requirement is a license of esthetician or cosmetology according to the board of cosmetology and barbering in California. Cosmetology or esthetician training teaches you the concepts that will later be helpful while doing eyelash extensions training.

In the U.S, this beautiful state is the center of the beauty industry. The west coast is the place where beauty icons are made, and new trends and styles are always in vogue.


To get a license, you have to complete a training program from a school of cosmetology approve by (BPPE). You must complete 1600 hours in that school. You may receive an associate degree, or certificate/diploma from a vocational school, dedicated beauty school, or junior college as the result of the training.


Now it’s time to apply for the exams. You can apply online or submit it along with the fee of $125, to the barbering and cosmetology exams. To apply for the license you must be 17 years old and have a degree of 10th graduate.


After approving your application, you will be notified through an email. After this, you can schedule your time and date for the written as well as a practical exam. You can take both exams on the same day.

For cosmetology practical exams, there are two testing sites:

  1. Southern CA (Glendale)
  2. Northern CA (Fairfield)

PSI administers the written examination. It has many testing sites in California. The cosmetology exams are available in different languages like Korean, Spanish Vietnamese, and English. The written test includes 100 questions which you have to complete within 120 minutes. The time for the practical exam is about 4 hours.

After passing both written and practical exams, soon you will receive your cosmetology license. After two years from the date of issue, your license will expire. You will have to renew it. For this, you have to pay the fee of $50. You can also renew the cosmetology license via the department of consumer affairs in CA.


After having a license in cosmetology, now you can get your certificate of eyelash extensions. Several training programs in California are providing their services through:

  1. Online classes

If you have a busy agenda and cannot go out, you can have training online.

  1. In-person classes

You can join physical classes as well. In this class, you will have more chances of learning.

California is the great state to open up your salon. So to get certified in eyelash extensions will be instrumental for you to succeed in your career. So don’t waste your time. Take steps to have the training and fulfill your dream by becoming the best lash artist in California.


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