How to get certified to do eyelash extensions in Delaware

Eyelash extensions are a growing part of the beauty industry. In Delaware, you can start a successful cosmetology career. You can open up your own salon here and take advantage of this growing industry which has sales of $130 million per year.


To get the certificate in eyelash extensions, you must have the license of cosmetology or esthetician. For the license, you can follow this procedure given below.


You have two options to get the license to do eyelash extensions in Delaware. The first is the completion of a cosmetology program and the second is apprenticeship. Both have different requirements. For the cosmetology program, you have to complete a comprehensive program having at least 1500 classroom hours. For this, you can attend a vocational school, junior college, or dedicated cosmetology school. You may receive a certificate/diploma or an associate degree after this training.

Certificate/diploma programs take 15 to 18 months to complete while an associate degree takes 2 years are required.


After completing a cosmetology program or an apprenticeship in Delaware, you have to complete an online exam and license application administered by professional credential services (PCS). The fee is $225. While applying, you must be 16 years old having a degree in 10th-grade.

After approving your application, you will receive a notification through email by PCS. The mail includes a practical admission notice and theory authorization to test (ATT) letter confirming the time, date, and location to take the practical exam. Practical exams are administered in Newark, New Jersey.

After receiving the ATT letter, you can contact PSI to schedule your theory examination. This is a computer-based exam having multiple-choice questions. To pass in practical and theory exam, you must score at least 75. If you pass the exams, PCS will inform the board about your status. Now you can pay the application fee of $110 and your license will be issued.


In Delaware, the cosmetology license expires on 31 October of each even-numbered year. A few weeks before the license expiration date, you will receive a renewal notice. It includes instructions that how can you access the online renewal application. The fee is $110.

In Delaware, there is no continuing education requirement to renew the license.


Now you have the cosmetology license. You can get training from any institute for the certificate. In Delaware, there is hands-on training having 4 days. In this training program, you will receive personalized attention from trained teachers. You have the chance in a professional setting to learn and polish your skills by practicing on live models with confidence. This training includes two courses. Each course has two-days of training.

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If you are willing to become an eyelash expert, take steps and get certified to do eyelash extensions. In the salon industry, your desire to succeed can be satisfied and you can grow your business easily with confidence.

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