How to get certified to do eyelash extensions in Idaho

Eyelash extensions are artificial lashes that are applied on natural eyelashes to make them thicker, longer, and prominent. It adds to the beauty of our eyes. After having eyelash extensions, we do not need any mascara and eyeliner at all. It is applied by certified lash artists or technicians.

If you live in Idaho, the state of the U.S, and have the interest to become such an expert on eyelashes we will guide you in this regard.


To become a certified lash artist, you must have a cosmetology or esthetician license. You get can cosmetology license through the board of cosmetology in Idaho. Some professionals and beauticians will teach you. Following are the steps for cosmetology license:


You have to complete 2000 hours of education in cosmetology school. While filling out the application for the license, you will provide a detailed list of education hours.


Two exams are taken by the National interstate council cosmetology exam through DL Roope administrations, Inc.


This is a theory-type exam. Its duration is one and a half-hour.


Through this exam, the practical skills are assessed. You have to complete it within three hours. You must have your kit and a mannequin head having curled before the exam. You have to secure at least 75% in both exams to get the license.

Now you have to get the application for a practical exam from the school where you have graduated. Apply within the due date mention on the back. You can also complete the application online. For this you need to download these forms:

  • ID paper application
  • NIC written candidate information bulletin
  • ID practical candidate information bulletin

After sending the complete application, you will receive approval with instructions about the schedule of exams. Try to make a schedule of both practical and written exams in different weeks.


To apply for license you have to provide the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Transcripts from cosmetology school
  • Scores from NIC exam
  • Record of instructions and detail of hours you spent during learning.
  • Submit fee and application

After completing all the requirements, you will get your license soon. You will have to renew your license after one year.


After getting a cosmetology license, you can get training in eyelash extensions. There is four-day training having two courses. Each course has two days of training.

  • Fundamentals of eyelash extensions application course
  • Certification in eyelash extensions application course

After completing both courses, you can enlist in the lash stylist directory of Idaho and refine your potentials. You can also enroll in advanced eyelash extensions and online education.

Eyelash extension is an amazing and popular art you can learn easily. You can run your salon and promote your business. So, don’t think further and take a step to achieve your goal and become successful as an expert in eyelash extensions in Idaho.   

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