How to get certified to do eyelash extensions in Kansas

Eyelash extensions are used to beautify the eyes. If you want to become a professional eyelash artist, you need the right qualifications. Different states have different requirements for certification. Here we will talk about the state Kansas.


The first requirement of getting certificate training is having a cosmetology license issued by the Kansas board of cosmetology. For license, you have to fulfill the following requirements:


Kansas is home to numerous cosmetology schools, where you can get to work with licensed and experts in the field. You have to complete 1500 hours of training required by the board of cosmetology. Enrolling in cosmetology schools is not hard. Here, you will learn both practical and theoretical art. After this training, get ready for the cosmetology exam.

Many cosmetology schools offer state board review courses that give you support in preparing to take the exam immediately after graduation.


Now you have to take both written and practical examinations. The Kansas board administers the exams through ergometrics and applied personnel research, Inc. the national testing network is the organization that is used to administer the exams. You have to ask your school to refer you for an online exam. You must be at least 17 years old.

After they refer you, you will be given the username and password for registration and scheduling your exams. You have to follow these steps:

  • Read the exam guide fully
  • Pay the $65 practical exam fee
  • Pay the $50 written exam fee

After submitting the fee and completing the application form, you will get a voucher allowing you to schedule your exams. You must secure 75% to pass and apply for the licensure. After one week, you will receive your scores.


Finally, the last step is the submission of the application. For this, you have to submit following documents:

  1. Application
  2. High school graduation verification
  3. Verification of education and instructional hours
  4. Verification of Kansas board exam scores
  5. Name application document
  6. $45 application fee

After fulfilling all requirements, you will receive your license.


You will get a notice before the expiry date of your license. You can renew your license online. There is no continuing education requirement to renew the license.


Now you are eligible to apply for the certificate training in Kansas. You can apply for a one-day or four-day in-person training. Four-day training comprises two courses having two days each:

  • The fundamentals of eyelash extensions application course
  • Certification in eyelash extension application course

Applying eyelash extensions is an art. The demand of eyelash extensions is increasing very fast. After getting the certificate, you can become a professional eyelash extension technician. You can run your own salon and start an exciting career.


  • LeAsia

    I’m interested in getting my cosmetology license this winter

  • Jennifer

    I am opening a co-op for lash technicians in the Collage Hill neighborhood of Wichita where they can rent a lash bed by the hour. My goal is to provide a wheelchair accessible opportunity because doing lashes is something that is done from a chair.

  • Lavenya Elliott

    I’m trying to find a school to learn how to do lashes and brows

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