How to get certified to do eyelash extensions in Kentucky

Eyelash extensions enhance your eye beauty and give a gorgeous look to your eyes. But the incorrect application by unskilled technicians can result in a bad experience. It can damage the eye area. If you want to become a professional eyelash technician in Kentucky, you should follow the requirements by state.


In order to attain the certificate in eyelash extensions, you must have a license of cosmetology or esthetician. For a regular cosmetology license in Kentucky, you must first get an apprentice cosmetologist license.


The first step in pursuing the cosmetology license is attending the cosmetology school. You have to complete here 1800 hours. Attending a School is a better way to learn the skills required to be knowledgeable, getting updates on beauty trends, and able to establish the business side of the job.


The second step is completing the practical and written exam in Kentucky. You will be issued an application for the exam by your beauty school. You have to submit a $75 application fee along with an application and proof of your high school diploma. You must be 16 years old.


In the practical exam, you have to bring your own kit with sufficient supplies. You will have ten minutes to set up at the beginning of the exam and client protection. Then two minutes to set up your supplies for each section in between sections.


This exam will focus on your theoretical knowledge. You will be asked questions about cosmetology rules, practical skills, laws and regulations, and ethical skills.

After passing both exams, your apprentice license will be issued.


After working in Kentucky, for twenty hours a week for at least six months under the supervision of a licensed cosmetologist, now you can apply for the regular exam. This is a practical exam. For this exam, complete the following steps:

  1. Submit application to the board
  2. Submit exam fee of $75
  3. Submit current 2×2 photograph

After your application is processed, you will be notified of the exam date by the board. After passing the exam, you will be issued your cosmetology license.


You must renew your license by July 31st every year. There is no continuing education required to renew the license.


After having a cosmetology license, you are eligible to get the training for the certificate in Kentucky. Different salons and institutes provide their services. The classes go from one day or two days training up to four days classes. You can join any of them. All of them include:

  • The fundamentals of eyelash extensions application course
  • Certification in eyelash extension application course

If you are going to start your lash styling career in Kentucky, follow the above-mentioned steps and become a professional eyelash technician. By practicing on models under trained teachers and demonstrating your skills, you can establish your business in the beauty industry.

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