How to get certified to do eyelash extensions in Massachusetts

If you want to increase your income by providing a professional beauty service, then get a certificate of eyelash extensions. If you join a training, you can become a lash expert and run your own business. Eyelash extensions increasingly become more popular and the demand for long lashes is growing very fast. In this article, we will talk about the requirements for the certificate in Massachusetts.


The first step towards becoming a lash technician is getting a license in cosmetology or esthetician. This license is issued by the Massachusetts board of registration of cosmetologists.


If you are at least 17 years old and have completed 10th grade, you can pursue a cosmetology license in Massachusetts. There are 24 cosmetology programs in Massachusetts accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Science. You have to complete 1000 hours of training. Training is divided into salon and classroom sections. During the classroom portion, you have to take classes on all sorts of cosmetology topics. In the salon  you have to work in a practical clinic for practicing the skills you learned in the classroom.


After completing your education and training in Massachusetts, now you have to take the exams. Your school will provide you a licensing application form which you have to submit to Pearson Vue before scheduling your exams. The certification portion of the application has to be filled by the director of your school. Within two years of completing your cosmetology training, you must pass the exams otherwise you have to submit a new application for the exams.


To make an exam reservation, you have to call Pearson Vue. The exam fee is $120 which you will pay while scheduling your exams. There are two parts of the exam.


This is the first part of your exam. You will be tested on 26 timed tasks within 3 ½ hours. You have to bring an adult model and all supplies for the exam. To pass the exam, you must get 80 scores or better.


This exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. You will be given two hours to complete it. To pass this exam, you must get 75 scores or better.

After passing both exams, the licensing fee of $68 will be collected by the Pearson Vue test center. Then you will be issued a cosmetology license.


Your first license renewal will occur after one year of the issuing date. After that, it will renew every two years on your birthday. You have to pay $68 to renew your license. In Massachusetts, there is no continuing education is required.


After getting the license, you are eligible now to get the certificate. You can join any institute offering such training online as well as hands-on.

Becoming a certified lash technician is not an easy task. But if you have a passion for lashes and want to become a part of this amazing beauty industry, you can surely do it.

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