How to get certified to do eyelash extensions in Pennsylvania

The world of eyelash extensions is an art and science which is very demanding nowadays. It enhances the beauty of the eyes and makes you attractive and adorable. If you are fond of these skills, we can guide you that how you can get the certificate of eyelash extensions in Pennsylvania.


Eyelash extension certificate requirements are different in every state of the USA. Here we will talk about Pennsylvania. To get certified to do eyelash extensions in Pennsylvania, you must have a license of cosmetology and esthetician.

For cosmetology you must have 10th class education or equivalent and have to meet one of the below requirements:

  • Graduate from a cosmetology school of Pennsylvania

The course must be a minimum of eight months and you have to study at least 1250 hours during the course.

  • Complete an apprenticeship program

To get admission in apprenticeship program you have to submit an application to the state board of cosmetology and make sure the following conditions:

  • The teacher must have a cosmetology license with a minimum of 5 years of experience.
  • The salon must have a minimum of 2 licensed employees with having 25 hours of experience. They should present all times when you were learning there.


After learning, you have to pass both practical as well as theory (written) tests conducted by the testing agency Pearson VUE.


You will have to apply for the test. When the application will approve, you will be informed that you are eligible to get registered for the practical and the theory tests.


In a practical exam, you have to bring a mannequin without pre-parted or pre-sectioned hair on which you will present your performance. You will be assessed based on your performance.


The theory exam consists of MCQs having 110 questions. You will have to choose the right answer from 4 choices.

After exams, Pearson VUE will forward your application and test scores for licensure to the board and soon you will receive your license. The license expires after two years from the issuing date and you will have to renew it. 


In Pennsylvania, there are numerous training programs including online classes as well as hands-on classes for certificates of eyelash extensions. There is 2 course included in these programs. Each course has 2 days of learning.

  • Fundamentals of eyelash extension application course
  • Certification in eyelash extension application course

We would suggest you attend hands-on eyelash extensions classes. You can learn more in these courses.

After receiving a certificate of eyelash extensions, you can enlist in the eyelash stylist directory. Now, it’s time to polish your skills by practicing and promote your business. You can enhance your learning about the latest techniques, by enrolling in online education and training of advanced eyelash extensions.

So, don’t waste your precious time and apply for the cosmetology and esthetician license. Then get admission in your area or region to get the certificate to do eyelash extensions and become an artist or professional and run your salon.

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