How to remove eyelash extensions like a pro

When it comes to remove eyelash extensions, some important things should be noted. A professional technician should know how to do a correct removal carried out carefully. How long does an eyelash extension removal take and is the eyelid injured? We will explain all these questions.

Safety first

Are you thinking about removing your eyelash extensions on your own? We recommend not doing that. It is better to entrust the procedure to a professional eyelash artist, because the safety of the roots depends on it. Regrowing the lost ones during incorrect cycles is a long and arduous process. A professional eyelash artist uses specific products for the process. We will explain later.

When should be eyelash extensions removed?

There are common reasons when eyelash extensions should be removed. Here we have a small guideline when it can come to a removal.

  • If the customer has any discomfort, redness, watery eyes or allergies (patch test).
  • If the customer wears contact lenses, which injures the surface of the eye and affects the duration of wearing.
  • If the customer is going to carry out manipulations with eyes or skin, like tattooing or operations.

Always keep in mind, the most important thing is safety and health.

Myths around eyelash extension removal

If you use high-quality materials, everything will work quick and without pain. And of course, without harming the own hair. We have heard many times that some people use oil at home referring to the fact that the adhesive loses its properties when it comes in contact with an oily substance. But in this case, you will be disappointed. This method is lengthy and traumatic for the natural eyelashes. There is also widespread belief that steam can remove eyelash extensions. But when exposed to temperature, the eyelash glue evaporates and falls on the mucous membranes, which can adversely affect.

When using professional products, the entire procedure will take just a few minutes and its safe and health.

That is all you need for your removal

For an eyelash extension removal, you need several things:

The remover helps to dissolve the glue and is very gentle. We offer cream and gel removers. They are safe and hypoallergenic, convenient to use, don’t cause irritation and don’t evaporate. They can be used for a complete removal and make every procedure safe and enjoyable.

eyelash extension remover

Step by step guide for removing eyelash extensions like a pro

  • Wash hands before treatment and wear gloves
  • The lower eyelids need to be covered with a pad and fixed with a tape
  • Apply the remover with a microbrush gently along the root zone
  • Wait until the remover dissolves the glue (check exposure times). Ensure that it doesn’t get on the mucous membranes
  • The fibers come off very easily, remove them with a lash tool
  • Then rinse thoroughly with water
  • Finally, apply a Keratin Booster

The duration depends on the products used to dissolve the eyelash glue. Normally its not more than 10 minutes.


Pay attention when removing eyelash extensions like a pro:

  • Always use sterile tools
  • If the customer has skin or eye irritation, stop it
  • Don’t get on the mucous membrane, it can cause a chemical burn
  • Don’t rub hard your lash tools do the job
  • In case of accidental contact with any component, rinse with water
  • The customer shouldn’t add cosmetics on this area for a couple of days

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