Poor quality eyelash extensions

A beautiful set of eyelashes that make the eyes bright and charming. That is what everybody wants. However, many women, must face a completely different reality after completing the eyelash extension appointment. Discomfort, glued eyelashes sticking out in different directions, lumps of glue on the eyelashes, irritation of the eyelids. This is just a small list of poor-quality eyelash extensions.

Reasons of poor-quality eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a big trend. Looking great without makeup is the dream of every woman. The popularity of this special beauty service is gaining momentum every year. Here is the reason of poor-quality eyelash extensions. Some see the big money. A person without any special education and experience can declare himself an eyelash stylist. Those people believe to learn everything from videos on the Internet after practicing on friends. Unfortunately, in the field of eyelash extensions there are in most parts of the world no licenses required. Many start to do eyelash extensions at home. Therefore, both professional specialists working with high-quality materials and unprofessionals who want to earn money without the relevant experience, skills and knowledge offer their services.

Conny Lashes tip: If you want to have good quality eyelash extensions, go and find a professional stylist.

Low price eyelash extensions

Low prices are not what you are searching for. Beware of low prices!

A good eyelash stylist with a large list of clients and expensive premium materials will never set a low price for his work.

Conny Lashes tip: Never look for low price eyelash services or you will get poor-quality eyelash extensions.

A good research

Do not be afraid to ask questions before you choose an eyelash stylist. Herefore you can often judge a level of professionalism. Which eyelash extension technique? What materials get used? How long does the treatment take? We found on the internet offers of stylists who believe that a full new set of extensions will take 1 hour.

Look at portfolios and reviews. Do not expect them to match reality 100%. Personal recommendations of friends are the best decision support for somebody.

Pay attention to the eyelash stylist's workplace. It says a lot about the approach to work. All lash tools should be clean and go through the necessary stages of sterilization. Do not hesitate to ask questions about that. It goes about your health.

How does a good eyelash extension work look like?

First, you need to be comfortable with your eyelash extensions. There should be no pain, tightness, burning, tingling. Perhaps for the first hour you will experience some unusual sensation, but you will quickly get used to the new eyelashes. They will feel like natural eyelashes in a short time.

Secondly, all eyelashes should be separated from each other. Each natural eyelash with one or more artificial hair extended on it must be autonomous. Eyelash stylists who want to get their work done quickly don't care too much about this proper work.

Conny Lashes tip: If the job gets done badly and there is too much glue on the eyelashes, ask to remove them quickly. Such bad gluing is a problem not only for the appearance of eyelashes, but also significant harm to their health. Poor quality eyelash extensions need to be removed immediately!


A perfect set of eyelash extensions is not hard to detect.

  • Each artificial eyelash should be attached to one natural eyelash, while maintaining a distance of 0,5-1,0 mm from the eyelid.
  • Each eyelash extensions should be glued to the base of the eyelash.
  • You should not feel itching, discomfort, tingling.
  • The lash line should look clean and fluffy.
  • The glued extensions should not feel on the eyelids.

Conny Lashes tip: Natural eyelashes fall out every day (approximately up to 5 lashes). This is not a sign of poor-quality eyelash extensions. Do not worry about that. It is the normal hair cycle. Ask for refill appointments every 3-4 weeks and you will be happy with your professional eyelash extensions.

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