The best eyelash extensions in Basel

Whenever you visit Basel and you want to get your eyelash extensions done by a professional, it can be tricky to pick the right business to work with. There are a whole lot of options, and you just want to see which one delivers the best results for your money. Thankfully, there are specialized businesses that will give you comprehensive beauty care services, and eyelash extensions are one of the main services they provide.

Kosmetikstudio iBrow

Kosmetikstudio iBrow has a lot of experience in this field, and they are known for taking care of permanent makeup, skincare services and eyelash solutions. You will find them to be very reliable, easy to work with, and extremely focused on delivering the best results expected by customers.

Kosmetik MaDonna

Whether you need eyelash extensions, laser hair removal or a nail salon experience, Kosmetik MaDonna has got you covered. They are extremely easy to work with, you get access to all kinds of beauty services, and they will deliver an amazing set of results.


At this salon you can get your eyelashes done. Their service quality is excellent. Plus, they listen to you, and they try to use the latest technologies in the industry. That makes them well worth working with, not to mention very dependable and reliable.

wimpern basel


One of the core advantages of Bodyzone is that they have a very friendly experience and great staff. They are also vetted in some of the best and top quality solutions out there. It really goes to show the value and professionalism you can expect, and how much you get for your money.

Melye Beauty Salon

Eylem is absolutely professional. The eyelash extension service is outstanding. She has a huge know-how and can answer your beauty questions in detail. Her customers love not just the eyelash service she also does make-up, brows and facial treatments. It’s a great place for beauty in Basel.

Citronail fine cosmetics

At Citronail fine cosmetics they take care of your looks and push them to the next level. The experience itself is quite impressive, and you will be amazed with the outstanding work they do. It’s a very comfortable beauty salon and you will enjoy the treatments.


Schushanas Beauty

Schushanas Beauty does everything from eyelashes to hair extensions and everything in between. The work ethic is amazing, and the quality they provide is exceptional. The prices are inexpensive. That’s why you want to check Schushanas Beauty out for yourself, and in the end the experience can be very impressive.

Your search for the best eyelash extensions in Basel can be difficult, since there are so many different services out there. But with a bit of a trial and error, you will be able to identify the right options to suit your requirements. Thankfully, each one of these companies is known for being dependable, easy to work with and they also have highly trained staff. That makes the a very good pick, especially if you want to work with experts in this field. Plus, you don’t have to pay a lot of money, and their eyelash extensions will last for quite some time!

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