The secret of classic eyelash extensions

The beauty industry offers one of the most popular and convenient procedures - the classic eyelash extension. A technique that relieves the worries and insecurities of thousands of women. It creates an expressiveness look and places accents in any face. Classic eyelashes allow you to gain the desired volume and look natural.

What are classic eyelash extensions?

The technique is known as eyelash extensions (1D). The classic way of eyelash extension is when one artificial hair is glued to each natural eyelash. This eyelash technique repeats the natural growth of lashes, and the number of eyelash extensions corresponds to natural eyelashes.

Where does the classic eyelash extension technique come from?

This method was developed in Japan. The second name of the classic eyelash extension is "Japanese extension". They made it a reality to use artificial materials that imitate an eyelash of any length.

How to choose the right extension for classic eyelashes?

  1. Length: The distance from the base to the tip of the hair varies from 4 mm to 21 mm. The most popular lengths for classic eyelashes are 8-14 mm lengths.
  2. Diameter: It is measured at the base of the hair and ranges from 0.02 mm to 0.3 mm. The most popular diameters of the eyelashes for classic extensions are 0.12 and 0.15 mm.
  3. Curl: There are several curls that can be used. The J curl is a slight bend identical to natural. The length of hairs with such a curvature is short. B is the next degree, slightly exceeding J, but also looking natural. C and CC are a medium curl. They are most popular for classic extensions. The D curl visually enlarges the eyes. L is characterized by a curl at the end. The curl is straight at the base. The M curl is the strongest curl that you can buy in our eyelash extension shop.
  4. Color: Black and dark brown are used as the main ones for classic extensions. You can use any complementary colors to create a creative effect.

Eyelash extension products and skills

The most important thing when choosing artificial hairs for classic extensions is their quality. Of course, you should choose premium materials whenever possible. They are most comfortable for both the master performing the procedure and the client. In our shop you can get premium eyelash extensions in different variants.

The second most important component of a successful classic build-up is glue. Its quality determines how long the client can enjoy her new eyelashes. In addition, when a hair peels off, microparticles of glue, falling on the mucous membrane of the eyes, can cause an allergic reaction. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to give preference to adhesives from a good shop. Here we also offer high quality eyelash extension adhesives.

Whatever material is used for the classic extension, the procedure follows the same principle. The most important things of a perfect set of classic eyelash extensions are skills and high-quality products.

The classic eyelash extension procedure

1D eyelash extensions are the basic of all other techniques. The method takes place in several stages:

  1. Before starting, the thickness and length of the natural eyelashes are analysed. After that, the most suitable artificial hair is selected that does not weigh down the eyelashes. The technician puts the extensions, adhesive and tweezers in a convenient working position.
  2. Securing the bottom eyelash row. This step will prevent the top and bottom rows from sticking together.
  3. Treatment of the upper eyelash row and eyelid. The technique creates good adhesion to the artificial hair, reduces the likelihood of rapid loss. With the help of a eyelash shampoo and a primer, the eyelid area is degreased.
  4. Straight tweezers are used to seperated the eyelashes, and curved tweezers to apply artificial hair. The technician grabs the extension, dips it in glue, removes the excess and applies it to the client's eyelash. The synthetic hair is gently applied to the natural hair, with glue, and fixed so that the tip is at a distance of at least 0.5 mm from the eyelid skin.

When the work is completed, the eyelash extensions are combed with a brush. The brush must be new for each client, it is usually given as a gift for the after care at home.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of the treatment is influenced by the experience and the density of the lash line.

The process takes from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. If the technician offers a work in less time it should be alarming. The work of a lashmaker requires thoroughness and accuracy, which means that it cannot be done efficiently in a short time.

How long does the build-up effect last?

The time differs from client to client. A properly classic eyelash extension set will last for about a month. It is recommended to make a correction every three weeks.

Benefits of classic eyelash extensions

The numerous advantages that classic eyelash extensions have make it very popular in the world of eyelash extensions:

  • Long and thick eyelashes are a woman's dream.
  • The procedure of classic eyelashes is relatively fast and inexpensive.
  • Long eyelashes add free time in the morning. After all, the time that used to be spent on curling eyelashes can now be spent on sleep or a delicious breakfast.
  • While the mascara on the eyes often spreads under the influence of a large amount of water, the extended eyelashes will give their owner the opportunity, without worrying about black streaks on the cheeks, to swim in the sea, pool and not be afraid of rain.
  • Eyelash extensions offer a variety of shapes, which makes it possible to visually correct the shape of the eyes.

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