The secret of natural eyelash extensions

What kind of eyelash extensions look natural? So that nobody would guess that a professional stylist worked on the eyelashes. Classic eyelash extensions with a natural effect usually cannot be distinguished from natural eyelashes. Here you will learn the secret of natural lash extensions.

How you can create natural looking lash extensions

If the work with a natural effect was carried out correctly, the client receives a natural, but more expressive look. The careful application of artificial hairs will make the clients eyes look more beautiful. The used material looks identical to our natural eyelashes. Even the closest people will not be able to suspect that the eyelashes were made by a professional. And even if they notice the transformation, they will not be able to recognize what exactly has changed. The natural looking eyelash extension technique allows to make eyelashes:

  1. More fluffy
  2. Longer
  3. Thicker
  4. More colourful
  5. More curly

The charm of the natural lashes is preserved. If a new client has doubts about a new set of eyelash extensions and she is afraid to look unnatural, then you can argue that the natural application technique will avoid this. Many beauty studios name the natural eyelash extension service just “classic”. Because it is a repetition of the natural growth and position of eyelashes, retains natural volume. The classic look can be achieved with the help of a special scheme and the use of synthetic hair of different lengths. The most professional option is to select the length of the fake eyelashes that fits proportional to the length of natural hair and the shape of the eye.

natural eyelash extensions

Conny Lashes Tip: The average length of natural eyelashes in the inner third of the eye is around 6 mm. In this area you should use eyelash extensions between 7-8 mm. Natural eyelashes are lengthened and on a 6mm long natural hair you apply extensions of 8-9mm along the lash line. The artificial hair should never be too long, otherwise it looks unnatural. The length of the extensions increases in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. A professional technician uses up to five lengths of eyelash extensions for the natural lash look. The most common lengths go from 7 to 14 mm.

Step by step guidance for a natural looking eyelash extension work

  1. The first step is analysing. Which length, thickness and density? Did the client have any eyelash extensions before? What are the preferences? All this information is needed for the correct selection of materials, glue, technique, etc.
  2. The second step is the pre-work. It contains the cleaning of the skin of the eyelids from cosmetics with an eyelash shampoo and preparing the eyelashes with a primer. The lower lashes must be insulated from the upper ones with a patch.
  3. Each eyelash extension gets attached with a special eyelash extension tweezer.
  4. The fake eyelashes are fixed in place with an eyelash extension glue. The clients comfort directly depends on how close the synthetic hairs get glued to the ciliary edge. In order not to cause discomfort, artificial hairs must be applied with a space from the eyelash growth line of about 0.5-1 mm.

To achieve the desired natural eyelash extensions result - a high qualification of the eyelash technician is required.

Who is suitable for natural eyelash extensions?

The natural eyelash extension technique lengthens the eyelashes and give them more shape. A professional eyelash stylist will select the appropriate parameters of extensions individually. It depends on the anatomical features of the structure of the face, as well as the clients wishes.

The shape and size of the eyes can visually be changed with eyelash extensions. The right combination of natural lash extensions in different lengths, diameters and curls, a professional can achieve outstanding looks.

Clients that are most suitable for the natural looking lash extension technique are:

  • Clients who don’t need significant visual correction of the shape of the eyes (for example almond-shaped eye)
  • Clients who want to enhance their beauty and look as natural as possible.
  • Clients that are very busy and don’t have a lot of free time. Natural classic lashes are universal and appropriate in any situation. They are suitable in any kind of activity and are appropriate for any occasion.
  • Clients who prefer a minimum of makeup.

Advantages of natural looking eyelash extensions

The advantages of natural lash extensions include:

  • A natural classic lash result that doesn’t attract too much attention.
  • It is appropriate for any age, any occupation – since it makes the appearance spectacular.
  • Classic natural eyelash extensions slightly correct the shape of the eye.
  • The technique increases the volume and density of the lash line.
  • The natural classic lashes treatment doesn’t take too much time.
  • No need to apply eyeliner and mascara. The lash line already has a clear contour with black colored eyelash extensions.
  • No need for everyday makeup. Natural looking eyelash extensions give the eyes more brightness and depth.
  • The effect lasts up to one month. We recommend refilling the eyelashes after 4 weeks.

Of course, there are also disadvantages like the danger of individual intolerance to the components of the glue, irritations of the mucous membranes of the eyes or red eyes. All these drawbacks can be avoided if the application is done by an experienced eyelash technician. The work needs to be done efficiently and correctly, with only reliable and quality products.

classic lashes

Conny Lashes Tip: Always make a patch test before you work on a new client. Especially if you have a client with a tendency to allergic reactions.

What is the best curl for most natural eyelash extensions?

A professional eyelash technician should always decide before start working which curl is the most suitable. The curl can significantly correct the shape of the eye, visually increase the height, raise the corners and open the eye.

Three types of curls are commonly used for natural looking eyelash extensions:

  • J Curl: The shape of the J curl is very similar to our natural eyelashes. They create an elegant natural classic lash look.
  • B Curl: It is a very natural curl and it is suitable for clients with large eyes with a classic almond shape and long natural eyelashes.
  • C and CC Curl: They are a more intense curl and are used to give the look more expressiveness.
  • D and DD Curl: They are the most intense curl that still look natural. They suit for clients with small eyes and straight/short natural eyelashes.

classic lashes curls

How to care for natural lash extensions

If the eyelashes should be kept in best shape, then they must be cared. Here is all you need to know:

  • To separate the eyelashes, they must be carefully combed every morning.
  • Use water-based mascara. It is easy to wash off and it doesn’t stick the eyelashes together.
  • The first three days after the treatment you shouldn’t visit a sauna or swimming pool. In the future water treatments can be done at any frequency. They will not negatively affect the natural classic lashes.
  • Don’t use oily consistency products.
  • Remove make-up every evening. We recommend a lash shampoo.

By following these simple rules, will allow you to wear your natural lash extensions for a long time.


How much do classic natural eyelash extensions cost?

The cost of natural looking lash extensions is formed by the quality of the materials used and the professionalism of the eyelash stylist. The expert must work out more than 300 eyelashes for each eyelid. The painstaking process takes from 1,5 to 2,5 hours. We recommend if a classic natural lashes service gets offered quickly and cheap, it is better to refuse it. Don't jeopardize the health of your own eyelashes.

Natural lash extensions look vs. 2D eyelashes

What is the difference between natural looking classic lashes and 2D eyelashes? It can be confusing for somebody who is not experienced with this topic. The classic version of eyelash extensions differs from 2D eyelashes in the number of artificial hairs that get glued. The natural effect of 2D eyelash extensions involves the application of two eyelash extensions to each natural hair. 2D eyelashes are shaped into a fan with tweezers.

3D eyelashes for a natural lash extension look

Based on 2D eyelashes, it is logical to assume that 3D eyelash extensions imply gluing three artificial ones to each natural eyelash. The result are natural volume lashes. The 3D technique is more complicated than the classic natural eyelash extension technique. It requires a certain skill and experience from the expert.

What is the difference between 2D and 3D natural eyelash extensions?

The main difference between 2D and 3D natural eyelash extensions is obvious - the amount of extensions that are glued on one eyelash. There is another important difference between them. For 3D eyelashes the technician takes eyelash extensions with thinner diameters. The higher the volume, the less the weight of the artificial hairs. The natural eyelashes shouldn’t experience too much stress.

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