Things you should consider before you buy an eyelash extension glue

A poor-quality lash glue can harm the client. It can cause an allergic reaction, or even damage the mucous membrane of the eye. Therefore, a suspiciously low price and the complete unknown of the manufacturer are a reason to be wary. A high-quality adhesive is a matter of health, not economy. Another factor is the usage of the glue. Which glue should be used for classic lashes or for volume lashes? How does consistency and elasticity affect the result? How to choose the best product for your skills? Where can you buy the best eyelash adhesive? All the answers and even more are in our article.

Different types of eyelash adhesives

Types of adhesives differ in several criteria. First, you need to study in detail the information on the types of glue and choose the one that suits you specifically. What are the characteristics and how to choose glue according to your capabilities and requests? Here is a list of what you should pay attention to when selecting. 

Eyelash adhesive for beginners

Which lash glue should buy a beginner? For a beginner, an adhesive with a drying time of up to 2 seconds will suit best. The extension can be gently applied to the natural eyelash until the glue hardens. The lash adhesive for a beginner should be elastic. This not only contributes to the cleanliness of the work, but also allows to economically use the product.

Universal lash adhesive

Designed for both beginners and experts. It dries in a period of 1 to 2 seconds. We recommend this product for beginners with practice, because in 1-2 seconds it will be possible to correct a mistake.

Eyelash glue for professionals

Such adhesives should be chosen by confident eyelash stylists who already work for several months or years. The product is perfect for professionals who brought their skill to automatism. A drying time from 0,5 to 1 second allows a fast work.

eyelash extension adhesive

Conny Lashes Tip: The amount of glue is very important. Using too much glue can lead to gluing and chemical burns to the client. If you use too less glue and apply it only on the base of the artificial eyelashes, such an extension will be unstable. The client will quickly lose the attached eyelashes.

How to use a lash glue correctly?

The eyelash extension treatment can take up to 4 hours, depending on the technique. We prepared the most important steps:

  • For the best adhesion of the natural eyelashes, clean the eyelashes with a lash shampoo and prepare them with a primer.
  • Add a drop of glue on the glue holder tray. Replace the glue drop every 20 minutes.
  • A tape and eye pads help to minimize fumes.
  • The base of the extension must be dipped into the glue with a tweezer.
  • The extension must be attached on the natural eyelash.

At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to clean up the workplace and thoroughly ventilate the room again.

Conny Lashes Tip: A humidifier and dehumidifier ensure perfect air humidity in the work room.


Consistency of the adhesive

Due to the liquid consistency, the glue does not collect as a drop on the eyelashes. It is important to use just a small drop of adhesive. The work will look clean, neat and natural. Adhesives with a medium or thick consistency require certain skills from the stylist. At the same time, they can ensure a longer wearing time.

Elasticity of the eyelash adhesive

The higher the elasticity of the lash glue, the easier it is to correct the direction. An adhesive with low elasticity is suitable for experienced stylists who strive to reduce the time of applying extensions. In addition, low elasticity glues contribute to an economical use of the adhesive.

Different colors of lash adhesives

Adhesives come in two colors: black and transparent. Each of them is used to solve different problems.

  • Black: A black glue is suitable for classic and voluminous black eyelash extensions. It is the most common color to work with. The eyelashes acquire a rich, but natural shade.
  • Transparent: It is a universal option and suitable for any eyelash extension material. A transparent eyelash glue is especially important for working with colored eyelashes. It helps when you want to achieve the most natural effect.

Sensitive hypoallergenic eyelash extension glue

Modern hypoallergenic glues for lashes have a softer formula, less evaporation and at the same time maintain excellent adhesion. It is important to understand that such glue reduces, and does not eliminate, the risk of allergies in the client and the stylist.

Working conditions of the eyelash adhesive

A glue can behave differently in different environmental conditions. For example, in hot weather or with operating radiators, in rooms with dry air, even a reliable adhesive can polymerize faster than necessary.

Observe the storage and working conditions indicated on the packaging of each product.

Typically, there is a temperature of 23-28 °C and a humidity of 40-70% appropriate. Use a hygrometer and thermometer to determine these values. A humidifier and dehumidifier can also help.

Conny Lashes Tip: Proper storage of the glue is essential for safe and high-quality eyelash extensions. The bottle should be stored tightly closed, in an upright position, in a cool, dark place.

Expiration date of the lash glue

A high-quality glue lasts up to 8 weeks from the day it got opened. When choosing a specific adhesive, read reviews and learn more about the brand in general. Also pay attention to the smell. It should not be chemical. A strong smell of chemistry may indicate that the glue expired early, or that its composition is unsafe.

What happens, if you use a glue after the expiration date?

Any eyelash adhesive has two expiration dates.

  1. From the date of manufacture
  2. From the moment the bottle gets opened

Even if you do not have time to use up the adhesive before the expiration date, do not use it anymore. Nobody knows how expired glue can behave, and what harm it can cause to your and your client's health. The product will almost certainly lose all its useful properties and reduce the wear period.

Opened glue can be stored in different methods up to 8 weeks. The time decreases in the hot period of the year and with very intensive use - if you have up to 5 clients every day.

Conny Lashes Tip: In order not to forget to replace the glue in time, stick a piece of paper on the bottle or write the opening date on it.

The best eyelash extension glues

The choice of the best eyelash glue is naturally a very subjective question. Each stylist has his own favourites, which sorted out after years in the personal experience. We recommend you only the best eyelash extension glues that we are confident in. They are used by many trainers and experts, because they are convinced of the advantages.

Best eyelash extension glue #1

best eyelash glue

The glue with an improved formula and a stable result has already gained a large following among eyelash stylists.

  • Average drying speed - 0,5 second. Suitable for advanced stylists
  • The formula has a high elasticity
  • Retention time up to 8 weeks
  • Temperature 23-28 °С and humidity 48-70%

The eyelash adhesive works in conditions where glue from other brands can fail.

Best eyelash extension glue #2

best lash adhesive

The lash adhesive is an excellent option among stylists with experience over weeks and month. The black glue is easy to use and consistently cool.

  • Average drying speed 1 second
  • Wearing period up to 8 weeks
  • The low elasticity contributes a very economical consumption
  • It has a liquid consistency - the adhesive does not collect in a drop on the eyelash

Best eyelash extension glue #3

best lash glue

It is an excellent choice for beginners. This is a black glue with a slow drying time. You will have time to work with it, and you will also be able to correct the gluing, direction and achieve a clean work.

  • Average drying speed 2 seconds
  • Wearing period up to 8 weeks
  • Liquid consistency
  • Average elasticity
  • Minimal fumes

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