How to deal with unreliable customers?

Who does not know it? The one customer who is always too late. There is an unspoken rule in the service industry that the customer is always right. But it is very annoying for an eyelash stylist if that happens, for many reasons.

What to do if a client is not on time?

If the client is more than 30 minutes late, we recommend these options:

  • Offer a service from the same category that requires less time. For example, a client comes for 3D eyelash extensions. This treatment takes around 2 hours. The triple volume cannot be made in this time. Offer the client classic eyelash extensions. This service takes less time.
  • Reschedule the appointment to another day.
  • The work can be provided in full if the client is late only if this or another stylist has an appointment for the next time.
  • Call the next client. Sometimes they are patient and can come a little bit later.

What a lash stylist should not do if a customer is too late

Do not provide a "shortened version of the service." The best result cannot be guaranteed. But even if the client is willing to take risks, never risk the safety and quality of your services.

Imagine that you go to the dentist and he says that your tooth needs 1 hour to be treated. Would you like the doctor to hurry up and try to do the job in 30 minutes? The situation is same with eyelash extension treatments.

A truly client-oriented and high-quality eyelash studio will not allow a client to leave with uneven eyelash extensions, just because the stylist had to hurry. Ultimately, such an outcome is undesirable for both parties - both for the client and for the eyelash stylist.

Late penalties

The client did not come or was too late. The treatment is booked, but there is no money in the cash register. What to do? There is a way to avoid such situations.

Tell clients when they ask for an eyelash extension appointment, that they must pay a fixed price for a missed treatment. A client who missed one treatment and came to the next one pays the cost of the procedure itself and a fine for missing the previous one. The cost includes the rent of the premises and the time of the beautician. The stylist cannot be blamed for not receiving money due to the fault of the client. The client should pay for downtime.

Tips for customers

Don't come too early

Do not come for an eyelash extension treatment earlier than 5 minutes before the appointed time. The appointments are scheduled in such a way that the next client does not have to wait until the work with the previous one is completed. In addition, the stylist needs breaks and time for eating.

Conny Lashes tip: If you need to arrive way earlier, call the master and ask if it will be convenient.

No rush

Sometimes customers ask how soon it will be possible to finish, as soon as they start the work. Or even worse, they compare the eyelash stylist with the previous one, saying that treatments were faster. Such statements cause stress. The eyelash stylist starts to rush and may make mistakes.

Do not take children with you

An eyelash extension beauty salon is not a kindergarten. It is not intended to entertain noisy kids.

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