Why you should buy brown eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are perfect for women who want to emphasize the beauty and expressiveness of their eyes. Due to the technique, it is possible to achieve various effects, however, the color of the hair and skin plays one of the most important values. Brown eyelash extensions can be a great choice, especially for women with lighter skin tones. They match an individual skin tone and warm make-up much better for a gorgeous, harmonious beauty look. There is a growing demand in color lash extensions for many good reasons - we will discuss in the article.

What are brown eyelash extensions?

Brown eyelashes are an alternative to the strict classic black version. They are more than a trend and are actively used for many different hair- and skin types. Women who prefer a soft natural effect love to wear them.

Conny Lashes Tip: Use only one shade of brown individual lashes for the best natural look. Do not add more colors.

The best materials of brown eyelash extensions

Colored lashes can be made from a wide variety of materials. The most common materials are brown mink eyelashes and brown silk eyelashes. We recommend the artificial variant for mink. Both materials are great for dyeing.

brown lash extensions

Who is suitable for brown lash extensions?

The color looks very natural and emphasizes the natural beauty of the look. We say that brown eyelashes are suitable for almost everyone. Sometimes they are not appropriate. They look best on these types of clients:

Women with blond and red hair

Blonde- and red-haired customers have lighter natural eyelashes and paler skin. Light brown eyelash extensions create a more natural contrast. They will look beautiful and pull all the attention. Brown classic and volume extensions will accentuate the beauty without dominating the light skin.

Women with brown hair

Such a color combination is especially effective if the eyes are brown or green. Moreover, synthetic hairs in this case should be a couple of tones darker than the natural hair. This will help to favourably emphasize the beauty of the look.

Women over 50 years

Most women over a certain age struggle with thinner and weaker natural eyelashes. They have less hairs and sometimes even with gaps. Brown eyelashes are a very good solution. They softly emphasize and refresh the look. In contrast to black eyelash extensions brown make it more expressive and areas with thin eyelashes more visible.

Clients who get fake eyelashes for the first time

Inexperienced clients often come with worries and many question marks. Depending on the skin and hair type - dark and light lash extensions help to create an effective highlight, while maintain maximum naturalness. They can be perfectly combined with nude make-up. The special color eyelash extensions will bring every stylist many happy and returning clients.

Conny Lashes Tip: It is important to consider the nuance of the color tone. If the general color type of appearance is warm, it is better to work with a warm color shade.

Brown eyelash extension techniques

There are 2 main eyelash extension techniques. It always depends on the desires and texture of the client’s eyelashes, which method get used:

  • Brown classic lashes (one individual extension gets attached to one natural hair)

brown classic lashes

  • Brown volume lashes (two or more extensions get attached to one natural hair)

brown volume lashes

When choosing the length of the attached hairs, the length of natural hairs must be considered. In any case, the eyelash extensions should not be longer than 2/3 of the natural eyelashes.

Color combination rules

If the client wants to have brown eyelashes, we recommend the following make-up tones:

  • Gold or bronze
  • Light brown
  • Beige
  • Peach and pink
  • In general, just warm make-up tones

We do not recommend cold make-up tones with brown lash extensions.

Brown synthetic eyelashes fit very well for women with natural hair of light tones. Brown don't fit to natural black eyelashes - the result will be too messy.

Women who prefer the nude style, brown eyelashes are rightfully considered an ideal option, because the selected range of shades is as natural as possible, and the main emphasis is on the eyes.

Conny Lashes Tip: You can mix black and brown eyelash extensions. The look will not be too intense, and the customer doesn’t have to take care about specific make-up tones and colors. Mascara will not be needed at all. It is enough to refresh the face with the help of blush, shadows or lipstick of warm color shades. Do not forget that brown eyelashes are perfect for all skin, hair and eye colors, except for natural black eyelashes.


Advantages of brown eyelash extensions

Brown lash extensions have several important advantages:

  1. Amazing appearance. The brown color will make the look fresher.
  2. It looks as natural as possible.
  3. The lash extensions create a nice gradient. Ombre eyelashes using brown looks natural and can suit a large part of clients.
  4. The eyelashes are only discreetly noticeable.
  5. Brown shades can be mixed with warm and calm make-up tones.

Brown eyelash extensions for a natural effect

Brown lashes create a natural look. They add a highlight to every make-up. The use of brown lash extensions allows to achieve a great natural classic look.

The natural effect should be made with 7-12 mm long synthetic extensions. The chosen diameters should be close to the customers natural eyelashes. The natural effect creates a bright lash look with no need of the use of daily make-up. It is perfectly suitable for clients with weak and sparse natural eyelashes.

Length, thickness and curl of brown lash extensions

The curl, length and thickness of the eyelashes are selected depending on the shape of the client’s eyes.

The lengths vary between 7-12 mm depending on the customers natural eyelashes. If the customer wants a natural result as possible, then the stylist should not attach eyelashes with more than 11 mm. The minimum eyelash thickness is 0.07 mm. We recommend using C or D curl brown lashes. We sell high-quality mix eyelash extensions in 0,07 mm diameter. Our “Espresso” color eyelashes are in the middle of dark brown and light brown and are highly in demand all over the world.

dark brown eyelash extensions

Best glue for brown eyelash extensions

We recommend using our best eyelash extension glues. They fit perfectly with brown lash extensions and guarantee a long and comfortable wearing comfort.

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