Why you should buy CC curl eyelash extensions

One of the most popular eyelash extensions are CC curl lashes. Eyelash stylists recommend this special curl because it allows to achieve an extraordinary open-eye effect. The natural beauty of the extensions makes the eyes expressive and give them a special charm and depth. How to create seductive eyelash-effects? Which eye suits best to this curl? Why is it so popular all over the world? What is the difference to other eyelash curls? We will tell you everything and even more about it in this article.

What are CC curl lashes?

cc curl

It is an intense curl and more pronounced than the C curl. The eyelash extension perfectly covers straight eyelash growth. It counts to one of the best curls for drooping eyelids, because it opens and enlarges the eyes.

Who is suitable for CC curl eyelash extensions?

The CC option is suitable for many customers. That is what it makes it so special and high in demand.

  • CC curl lash extensions are suitable for customers with low outer corner eyes and down growing natural eyelashes. Curved eyelashes on the outer edge will open and raise the eyes.
  • They are also best for clients with deep-set and close-set eyes. The extensions get attached closer to the middle and open the eye perfectly. The corners get lifted, the eyes look rounder and make them look bigger. If the growth of the eyelashes is directed downward, the CC lashes should be attached at the outer corner.
  • CC curls can also be used for clients with wide-set-eyes. The intense curvature can be positioned close to the inner corner of the eye.
  • The extensions should be attached closer to the outer edge, if a customer has round eyes. If they are glued too much in the middle, then the eyes will look even more round.

Choose the perfect length

The lengths should be selected professionally when doing a new set of lashes. Here are the basic rules you should know:

  1. 6 to 9 mm are similar to the natural lashes of the majority.
  2. We recommend using 10 to 11 mm CC Curl extensions.
  3. A very popular choice are lengths from 6 to 13 mm. They can be used for clients with healthy and strong natural eyelashes.
  4. We don’t recommend using lengths of more than 14 mm. Too heavy eyelash extensions can damage the natural hairs.

Choose the perfect diameter

Not only the length but also the diameter affects the work. Select the best diameters before start applying eyelash extensions.

  1. The thickness 0,05 mm is suitable for customers with thin and damaged natural eyelashes (volume technique)
  2. Extensions up to 0,07 mm are very similar to natural lashes and fit very well for the majority of clients (up to 4D eyelashes).
  3. For classic technique 0,12- and 0,15-mm diameters fit best.
  4. We don’t recommend using diameters of more than 0,15 mm. It will look unnatural and can damage the natural eyelashes.

Squirrel effect with CC curl eyelash extensions

The maximum length of extensions gets attached not in the corner, but closer to the centre or at the place of the arch of the eyebrow. The squirrel eye lash look is not recommended for clients with an overhanging eyelid. The longest length gets glued closer to the middle of the eye. At the corner of the eye the lengths are 2-3 mm reduced. By the beginning of the eye the difference in length smoothly descends to the length of natural eyelashes. The "squirrel" effect can be done in different ways. The longest part can be smoothly integrated into the overall length, or vice versa, sharpened and accentuated.

Doll effect with CC curl eyelash extensions

The "doll-eye" effect involves the use of visually equal lengths and curls, but a little trick is using shorter lengths to add volume and density. Especially with less natural eyelashes, the extensions need to be attached discreetly. For this lash look can be used many different lash curls. The CC curl is one of the most curved and it will open the eye even more.

Kim Kardashian effect with CC lashes

This is one of the most difficult lash-looks. A professional eyelash stylist knows which lengths and curls work best for each eye. Longer eyelash extensions will alternate with shorter. CC curl lash extensions can therefore be combined with the volume technique.

Natural effect with CC Curl lash extensions

The lengths of eyelashes for a natural look is 7-12 mm. By gluing them in a certain order, the look becomes brighter with more depth and charisma. To give a theatrical look, use a length of 13 mm. This length is popular for photo sessions and celebrations.

Why are CC curl lash extensions so popular?

They are highly in demand for many reasons:

  1. CC curl eyelash extensions look natural
  2. They are comfortable to wear, without causing discomfort
  3. The extension add depth to the lash look and sensuality
  4. Suitable for natural blond or thin eyelashes
  5. Ideal for casual and business ladies
  6. Optimal for lovers of decorative cosmetics who prefer eyeshadows
  7. The synthetic hairs are very popular among eyelash stylists

 They are one of the most common choices for eyelash stylists and customers. The most important thing is that the work gets done by a professional.

CC curl vs. C curl

cc vs c

The curl differs just a little from each other. CC curl eyelash extensions have a great length and a stronger curve with a pointed tip.

CC curl vs. M curl

cc vs m

The M curl resemble a triangle. The CC curl looks more like a semicircle. The M has a directly visual impact on the eyelashes. The CC has a visual impact on the eyelids.

CC curl vs. J curl

cc vs j

The J curl is a barely noticeable curve. It is very close to the natural eyelashes. CC lashes let the eyes look brighter.

CC curl vs. L curl

cc vs l

L comes in several executions: L, LC and LD curls. All differ in the strength of the bend and are based on an open-eye-look. CC lashes are based on eye shape corrections.

CC curl vs. B curl

cc vs b

The B curl is more often used for almond-shaped eyes. The CC is more versatile and has even proportions on eyelashes with a gentle curve.

cc curl lash extensions

CC curl eyelash extensions are the easiest and most versatile option. We recommend you have enough of them in stock, because customers love wearing that special curve.

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